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  • sumanitha
    11-14 10:54 AM
    You can contact the office of Sherin Thawer (Dallas Family Law Attorneys | Dallas Business Law Attorneys | The Law Offices of Sherin Thawer, P.C. ( I never dealt with her personally and I dont know how good or bad she is but just giving her reference as I always hear her on the local desi radio and their offices are open on Saturdays.

    Thanks, I have a left a VM..

    Anymore ??

    Thanks again

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  • strafforddude
    12-15 01:41 PM
    Hi Cooler,

    Thank you for your response. Company B is not willing to sponsor H1B.

    Lets say if campany A keeps paying me (runs my payroll with salary specified on my H1 petition) Will that keep my H1b alive and active when i work on EAD for company B ? ( Did i get that right )

    Will USCIS know that i have switched jobs in between ?

    What does IMHO mean ?

    Thank you for your help

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  • rick_rajvanshi
    11-06 07:20 PM
    I am applying for a green card and my lawyer sent me a case number starting with an A and in the format : A-#####-##### for my PERM.
    I tried but it does not accept case numbers starting with "A".
    Can you please tell me where I can go to look at the status of this application?

    This web site was being used to check cases from Philly and Dallas backlog centers carefully

    "The backlog public disclosure system only accepts Case Numbers beginning with either a D or P. Please enter the case number with all dashes. Where the # represents a number
    (e.g. P-#####-##### OR D-#####-##### )."

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  • Ann Ruben
    06-28 10:20 PM
    An article entitled File Retention and Relinquishing to Client - Posted on March 31st, 2010 can be found on the website for the MO Supreme Court Advisory Committe for Legal Ethics:Office of the Legal Ethics Counsel - Articles ( I hope this is helpful.


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  • kanakabyraju
    05-13 12:31 PM
    My PD is 08/04/06, and my AP is expiring on June 2nd, I probably will have to travel sometimes June end. I am in a fix if I should go ahead and apply for Ap now. My PD will be current begining June 1st. I heard it may take 1 week to 60 days to get GC after your date becomes current, Do you guys think it's good idea to just apply for AP just in case?


    You may apply for AP at any time right? If you apply now, it is very unlikely that you will receive before your June end travel. And if you don't get your GC in june what will you do ? see, it is very easy to ask confusing questions. :)

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  • go2roomshare
    03-29 10:03 AM
    Employer A with EB3 PD Feb2003 and I 485 filed
    Same Employer A is doing EB2 PERM with I 140 PD porting
    Is it possible to invoke AC21 in middle of process??

    1. is it possible to use AC21 after 140 approval??, any time constraints?

    2. what about between 140 filing and 140 approval?

    3. at what stage it is not safe?

    any advice please


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  • pressman
    February 18th, 2004, 04:55 AM
    Both nice - but being in the grey brigade mono works better for me.

    File Taxes on April 16 not April 15 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : File Taxes on April 16 not April 15

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  • Pasquale
    04-01 01:07 AM
    You guys are funny......... in bed.


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  • pttuanzhang
    06-02 07:51 PM
    You're right, I really admire

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  • ranand00
    08-28 12:12 AM
    Hi company A applied for my H1 in april 1st week.
    they have got 2 rfe so far and now i am not interested in working with them(they also dont seem interested in replying to the 2nd rfe)
    Another company is interested in filing my h1b.
    what is the safest way to go about doing this.
    should i let company B know that i filed with company A before.
    Also will there be any problem in getting H1b approved because of my earlier filing


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  • desi3933
    07-07 12:58 PM
    Hi, My Lawyer says that texas SWA gave him a figure of $ 105,000 annual salary as a prevailing wage for 5 years experience java,j2ee guy.

    $105,000 salary for 5 years exp with J2EE/Java sounds rights to me. People with 2/3 year experience are making around 80-85k.


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  • sanjeev_2004
    06-16 12:49 AM
    In the 485 check list sent by my employer one of the item is :

    "Affidavit of support duly notarized (Form I-864) if you are applying for your family"

    I am applying for my self and my wife and for my daugher. I will send my all paper to my employer and he will sent to attorney.
    Do i have to fill form I-864 or attorney will fill form. if i need to fill then where i can find this form and how i can notarize it.

    Please help.



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  • GCAmigo
    12-24 08:24 PM
    What does this mean?

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  • ivy55
    06-17 01:03 PM
    When I filed my I140 I put "none: in the column for A#. Now the A# in I140 (EAC-xx-xxxxx) is different from the#in I94 which one do I use. Can I put it as N/A ?



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  • gc_kumar
    08-02 10:07 AM
    Hello Friends,
    My EAD card is probably lost in the mail. Got approved on July 11th and never received so far . My current EAD expires on Augest 9th . I am in the risk of losing the Job. What are my options now .. Please advise ..
    I called USCIS, they are asking me to wait for 30 days .

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  • EkAurAaya
    03-31 02:24 PM
    I got a soft lud back in December on my approved 140 on a Sunday (along with several other IV members)... but nothing since then!

    if your PD is not current then nothing to get excited about i guess sorry...


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  • americandesi
    08-29 07:23 PM
    Today, my friend told me that there is new policy prohibiting employees from paying the H1B application fees for their employers. Has someone heard about this policy? If so, would you please provide me some more details on the issue? Where could I find the policy?

    I have got two offers. Both the employers are willing to help me apply for H1B, but I need to pay all the fees by myself. I think that is ok for me. But under this new policy, I am not sure whether this strategy would work out or not. I really very worry about this issue. Your kindly help is highly appreciated!! Million thanks!

    Prohibiting employees from paying the H1B application fees is not a new policy. It has always been there.

    Refer violation 4.(i) in

    However there is a new policy prohibiting employees from paying Labor related expenses in GC process.

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  • vina92
    02-26 07:35 PM

    This is a completely different segment from what you guys mentioned. The link you posted happened on 2/16 and this is another fresh discussion, which happened today.

    Sue Herera seems to really bring on immigration discussions a lot.

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 09:13 AM
    IV is YOU, if you trust your good faith - you trust IV.

    So better get going

    07-16 04:08 PM
    Hi everyone,

    Here is my situation and I need URGENT help.

    I am currently on L1-A for past 7 years (Visa expires Nov 07). During this span my company's attorney has unsuccessfully filed my I140 (twice was rejected at NSC and later TSC - due to 3 year degree and also my job description prior to transfer to US did not showed I have managerial/management function of a department). He refiled again this time with proper documentation and additional support letters from senior exec from my company.

    I suspect he has been making mistakes in my filing and my time is running out. I am thinking of using my own money and hire another lawyer to file a fresh I140/485. Is this possible since I have already 2 pending I140; one at NSC under EB-1C and another at TSC under EB-3?

    Please reply urgently if anyone has the answer to my question as I am running out of time.

    Thanks in advance.

    07-03 02:39 PM
    Just read that if you have sent one check for 1-140 & 485 then the whole package will be returned and you would have to refile your I140. If you have sent separate checks then they will just return the I485 part of your package.

    Source: Either Fragromen or Murthy. Check their websites.

    Sent in two checks.

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