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bethenny frankel wedding

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  • micofrost
    07-10 08:29 PM
    If you have a job, getting a work permit will take only 4 hrs inside the consulate. No line. Give the passport and come back within 4 hrs to collect it.
    No labor certification for computer(s/w for sure, dunno about h/w side for sure) professionals or petition. Need to show offer letter from the company and letter from company to the consulate.

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  • sidbee
    10-21 11:25 AM
    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this thread.
    Does 1 require a UK Visa if they are travelling on British Airways? As i have my parents travelling from India to USA on British Airways(they have Multiple B1/B2 US Visa)..
    Spoke to BA &they advised me to speak to UK Consulate.:(
    Any info be helpful.

    You need a UK Transit Visa only if you don't have a valid USA VISA stamped in the passport.
    My Parents always use BA, and they never take a UK transit visa.

    But if i use BA to visit India, in the near future i would be taking a transit visa, as my H1 Visa on the passport has expired (Using H1 Extension Approval right now)

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-18 01:00 PM
    Looks like I am the only one in this situation... rough!

    No my friend , you are not alone here.

    My employer did not allow us to file EAD and AP for employees. Only for spouse) and I was wondering if I can file myself. But I don't think we can do it without a receipt notice.

    As far as new fee structure is concerned, we'll be better off paying the new fee compared to the old fee and attorney fee combined.

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  • sjhugoose
    February 3rd, 2004, 10:27 AM
    DP Review just posted a hands on preview/review of the new D70. You can catch the link here (

    That little sucker looks to be one heck of a feature packed little camera. If you did not think about FF and pro stuff this would make the consumer camera one real tough decision! Nice little camera!



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  • looivy
    12-22 12:45 PM
    could this be true?

    Repubs are the only one from whom we can expect support for legals.

    Dems didn't do sh%$ in first two years when they had majority in all chambers and now they are trying to make repubs look bad.

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  • rpat1968
    09-23 05:03 PM
    MY PD - July 8 2004, RD July 2 2007 NSC. I-485 - Pending USCIS's mistaken with EB Classification. (came to know of this after opening 3 SR's and 3 Infopass appointments).

    My Attorney wrote to USCIS last week about the problem with my I-485 (USCIS mistakenly put me as EB3 instead of EB2). I want to know experience of memebers / Attorneys who have writen to USCIS for any reason(s) (USCIS Mistakes, Eb3->EB2 porting, Etc) and goten response and how long did it take for getting the reponse. Any Hard LUDs/Soft LUD's after sending letter etc.

    Please share you experience.

    Thanks in Advance.


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  • mbawa2574
    12-19 09:08 PM
    sorry to break it to you - but he's quitting a very happy man as every other rupublican is trying to 'out-tancredo tancredo' as he himself put it. he's done his job and poisoned the atmosphere which is all he wanted to do.

    I disagree . He thought his immigration stance will take him to white house. He earlier announced that he will not run for congress again. Poison can be taken care of as long as you kill the snake so that it does not bite other people.

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  • pappu
    03-02 08:09 AM
    It is sad to see nobody coming forward for help. It is everybody's fight. When someone takes initiative we should all help. There is nothing to fear while meeting lawmakers.

    All members in Georgia, please contact brij523 by sending him PMs and help him with chapter tasks. It is important that we all participate in our own state chapters.

    Coming to this site annonymously and posting all kinds of ideas for others to implement, or posting strategiic direction and commenting will not help. Members are fearful of even giving the correct email ids to us. Thousands of our emails bounced this week when we sent an email to our members. We want everybody to roll up their sleeves and participate in meet the lawmakers drive.


    bethenny frankel wedding. Bethenny Frankel#39;s Wedding
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  • apravi
    12-11 11:06 PM
    anybody please...

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  • delhiguy79
    07-31 06:48 PM
    Hey guys,

    I work in a MNC, my I-140 was filed on July 16th 2007 and is still pending and they r filing my I-485 and my wife's I-485 (as dependant).

    But now I came to know about my wife's labor application has been approved and they want to file my wife's I-140 and I-485 concurrently, so can I file another I-485 through my wife's employer for my wife as primary and me being dependant to my wife.

    I know this question must be asked a lot of times but does anybody has done it or not done it, please share your experiences.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • nobody
    04-24 10:01 PM
    I love it :love:

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  • srhari
    02-28 04:40 PM
    As far as I know, any person can stay in US legally only on one visa at any point of time. That said, the moment you switched to L1, your H1 is invalid. I'm pretty sure that you can't use your previous H1 extension and you have to file for new H1 petition which starts in April 2008.


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  • kirupa
    03-22 05:10 PM

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  • supers789
    08-07 08:00 PM
    I have an approved i140 from old employer, using which I am planning to file i485 (As PD from old PERM/i140 is current for the month of Aug. & no labor filed for ne employer). As I am in good terms with old employer, they are ready to give me a "future employment letter" for my GC processing.

    Can someone please let me know -
    1. Format of the letter, details thats needs to be present in it,
    2. Anything else I need from the old employer.



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  • visakk
    01-30 07:04 PM
    Are you coming through your current employer..? Then Let your Employer tell you what to carrry
    Otherwise you are nuts..!
    You must be still day dreaming, when all roads are leading to go back to home countries.

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  • ras
    07-08 11:09 PM
    Programmer, analyst programmer, developer, software engineer, sr. software engineer, sys analyst, etc., are all the same.

    does this include software QA engineer too?


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  • Leo07
    10-13 05:59 PM
    Good Luck all the way.

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  • sangmami
    04-19 05:31 PM
    I am changing jobs from ohio to another state ,job title and description are same..but the pay mght be 20%less....

    Is this gonna be a problem or is it ok if the new pay is more than the prevailing wage for that state..for the same job description.

    My details..
    7th yr of h1b
    pd 2007 mar
    i 485 filed---during july 2007
    will use ac21 for the future job?


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  • MrWaitingGC
    09-12 07:23 PM
    My friend has a question. His wifes H1 got approved. As of now she doesnt have job. What if she gets job in dec/Jan. There wont be any pay roll for october and november. Will this create any problem at the time of visa stamping in India if she goes for vaction later in next year.

    Is there any time limit to Start working after october.

    If you know the answer correctly please write,

    06-04 04:41 PM
    I believe when DOS calculated the Eb2 China demand data for July, they might have taken all apps pending from Nov22 2005 till Dec 31 2005. Considering the apps prior to Nov 22 2005 as demand for June 2010.

    Same for Eb2 India from Feb1 2005 till Dec 31 2005. To make note is India dates did not change in June so the demand remains the same for that year.

    My 2 C

    All this inventory etc dosent make sense ,

    Pending EB2 cases for china are around 2000 as per USCIS inventory .
    but as per DOS Demand data its only 500 ..

    God Knows whats Happening .


    11-20 06:41 PM
    As long as you were in valid h-1b status at the time you applied for transfer, you can begin working as soon as you receive a receipt notice. Your attorney plays safe and is correct.

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