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  • h1bh1bus
    01-04 11:07 AM
    Hi Guys

    I was working with a company on H1b and i left to india for a vacation on aug 13 . got stuck in india due to some personal reasons.
    I got paid till aug 30 as i had leave sanctioned till aug 30.
    came back to US on dec 30.
    Didnt get paid for the month of sept oct nov dec.
    But i was never out of status as I was in india.
    now can i apply for a h1b trasnfer as i m getting a job with a very good company with good salary.
    i have paystubs till aug 30 2009. never out of status .


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  • bhartigorkar
    08-19 05:53 PM
    Thanks for your help.I will try your solution. :)

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  • wandmaker
    11-11 07:04 PM
    You will have to open a service request (SR) with USCIS after 30 days have passed. Once you open a SR , usually service center will people will call and confirm about the current status and in about 45 days from SR open date they will try resolve the issue. If 45 days have passed, then you will have to take an infopass appointment figure out. Hope this helps!

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  • backtoschool
    01-05 07:36 PM
    My dear mates?


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  • chanduv23
    07-09 09:01 AM
    Talk to IV core and see if we can come up with a common template, we can prepare web fax ......

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  • sxk
    09-14 07:22 PM
    I applied for I 485 , AP and EAD during 07 July. I got a fp notice back in 2007 and I got another one two weeks ago. I went ahead and did my bio-metrics over the weekend at TSC Application Support Center.

    Does this mean that somebody has looked into my file and pre adjudicated it? or is it a automated thing and does not mean anything?

    Please advice!


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  • dunlop
    09-14 07:16 PM
    I've filed for the I-140 with EB-1 category in business, then additional evidence was requested and finally received a denial. I would like to know:
    1. What are the chances to get approved after appealing?
    2. If I were to appeal can I present new evidence?
    3. After filing the appeal, how long should I expect to receive an answer from DC office?
    4. If I ask for additional time before appealing, what are the chances that the additional time will be approved?
    5. Is it better to appeal or to request a motion to reopen whenever I gather the new info to defend my case?
    6. Do I have better chances if I skip both appealing and motion to reopen and focus on re filing a new case?


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  • days_go_by
    09-12 07:34 PM
    I think she is ok, getting an H1-B approval doesn't mean that you have to start immediately. for e.g, many of the Indian tech companies get an H1-B at the start of the year and when they have a need for that person in US, send him/her over.
    Only after her first payroll would she be considered on H1-B.
    These opinions are as per my understanding, please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • agaballa
    01-29 02:43 PM
    Here is the situation:
    I-485 is pending
    H1 Visa will expire on July 31, 2009 (extension is being filled now)
    AP is pending for 6 months with no end in sight...
    No EAD

    Need to travel in end of June for a month:
    my question is
    Can I travel on AP when my H1 petition is pending?? (I do not expect that I will get it before I leave, it took more than 6 months last time). I read in many places that if you apply for H1 petition you cannot leave till it is approved, is that true???

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  • tonyHK12
    05-19 01:05 PM
    Don't you know this baby will stop Skynet in 2035 and save mankind ?

    Especially along the border, helping to create a large numer of manual, non-robotic, labor jobs that will help to pass CIR.


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  • LegallyGC
    08-05 04:38 PM
    my wife has filed for her I-485 (AOS) with me.
    She has an H1 whch expires in 2012.
    she used her AP while entering US this year at port of entry. Office gave I-94 for one year(it expires in Jan 2011).

    Now my question is does she has to do anything to renew her I-94?
    If she doesnt renew her H-1 now will she be still in-status on H1?
    does she have to renew her AP in order to stay in status?

    This area of the law is very confusing and it would be great if some attorney or expert give their valuable suggestions on this.

    Thanks in advance...

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  • ddelgado
    04-25 12:48 PM
    I am from Memphis too


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  • up_guy
    08-22 09:29 AM
    Very good but expensive

    Thanks for your reply..
    I will wait for more feedback..

    take care

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  • saikatmandal
    02-11 02:06 PM
    I saw a soft LUD on my (and spouse's) I-485 yesterday - 2/10/2009.

    Just wanted to find out if others have seen the same in the last couple of days. I am Aug 2007 filer of I-485 when the window opened. EB3 India, PD - June 03.

    Wondering if this is a sign of good news on the way !!



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  • roseball
    04-14 08:36 PM
    If you are born in UK and if you apply for labor certification under EB-2 category (job requirement: Master's degree or BS+5 yrs exp) then your priority dates are current and you can file for I-485 and get your GC in about 1.5 yrs...(ofcourse only if its not stuck under name check or any other complications...)

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  • reachvenu
    12-07 08:45 PM
    Pls provide this option so thatwho does not want to registor can also send fax


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  • GCBy3000
    02-26 05:56 PM
    As far as I know, yes.

    Your 3rd question is not correct. You will not get new visa until you get it stamped.

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  • radosav
    07-31 09:56 PM
    why havent you included july filers in the timetable?

    or you just want June filers to vote?

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  • roseball
    08-06 10:20 AM
    In the application filed, I received a query stating "Labor Condition Application is marked to indicate you are an exempt HIB dependent for the beneficiary based on the existence of masters degree from the United States. Please confirm your claim that you are an expemt for this beneficiary. If no United States masters degree exists for this beneficiary, the LCA is not valid and may require a withdrawal of the current petition and filing of a new petition with a new LCA that adhers to Labor Department's requirement for H1B dependents".

    My Employer wants to reply that this was a clerical mistake..... Is this right? or should he file a new petition.

    Can I file another petition if this petition is rejected?

    Just saying its a clerical issue wont be sufficient. It might help if your employer attaches a new LCA along with the RFE reply. Worst case, you have to withdraw and file again with the correct/new LCA. If this is a fresh H1, then you are lucky in the sense that the quota is still open and you can refile without having to wait for another year.

    07-05 02:10 PM
    Ada Ramus.

    All can file I-485 now. please go through this link.

    09-05 05:00 PM
    Can you please let me know if we can expedite through national customer service center ?. I am unable to find infopass appointments until late next week by which time my card would expire.

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