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  • amits
    07-17 08:38 PM
    Whatever happened today couldn't have happened without the relentless efforts from IV team.

    As a token of appreciation of all those efforts, I have contributed $500 today.

    Would volunteer to any future IV efforts and action items.


    - Amit

    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 15:46 GMT-07:00
    Google Order #900330157495295
    Shipping Status Qty Item Price
    Shipped 1 Contribute 500 - Donate $500 to Immigration Voice. $500.00

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  • arukala
    10-27 06:13 PM

    My H1 and I-94 and My Wife's H4 and I94 expired on Sep 30th 2008 and applied for extension on July 7th 2008 with Company A. But Company A received an RFE on H1 extension,

    At this movement I have a good offer from company B , can I transfer H1 using Receipt of H1 extension?

    I appreciate your input


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  • pappu
    06-25 11:05 AM

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  • Yemen style executions seem to

  • Blog Feeds
    05-30 08:50 PM
    I am not very proud to announce this but, ICE stated a few days ago that the San Diego County Sheriff�s Department is the first law enforcement body to implement the Secure Communities program, under which every individual booked into the three largest jails in San Diego County will have biometric-fingerprints checked in a DHS system for an immigration record.

    Secure Communities, which is administered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), streamlines the process by which ICE determines if an individual in the prison system is a removable criminal alien. Under the program, every individual booked into the three largest jails in San Diego County has their biometrics-fingerprints-checked in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) biometric system for any immigration record. Prior to the advent of Secure Communities, as part of the standard booking process, these fingerprints were only checked for criminal history information in the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) biometric system.

    If any fingerprints match those of someone in DHS's biometric system, the new automated process notifies ICE and the San Diego intake site submitting the fingerprints. ICE evaluates each case to determine the individual's immigration status and takes appropriate enforcement action after offenders complete their prison terms.

    Illegal Immigrants will now be more reluctant to get in touch with law enforcement, thus expect more abuse towards illegals.

    Read the ICE press release here.. (

    More... (


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  • Ann Ruben
    08-15 10:34 AM
    Most likely, a clerical mistake of some kind was made. Your wife should call the National Customer Service Center to start the inquiry process.

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  • ita
    11-19 12:04 PM
    DO they even log the subject of the conversation?


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  • Sanaa planet - Yemen

  • Anders �stberg
    February 5th, 2005, 03:12 AM
    Agree on the eye, it's important to see that, and have a little catchlight for making the animal look alive. Only problem with the first shot is the branch behind the head. It's blurred a bit which helps though. The background is difficult to control - you take what you get many times with animals and birds.

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  • Re: More funny pictures

  • visacase
    07-10 02:40 PM

    Thanks for my previous response. I am on H1B and between projects. I have an offer to work for a couple of days for a company other than the one holding my H1B. They said they are not gonna report to the IRS as its an hourly job for 2 days and the number of hours are not going to accumulate enough for the IRS. But they need my SSN or tax-payer ID to run their payroll. I am gonna receive my dues as a simple check (like a rebate check with just the total amount showing up & NOT a paystub). Please let me know if I can work for them or not.


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  • YUMNAAA: quot;Socotra, Yemenquot;

  • anu_t
    06-20 02:04 PM

    My company is using substituted labor for me and applying for 140 and 485. My original LC which was pending just got approved. But the physical documentation is not there.

    But my company is saying that they will also apply for 140 for the original LC also. How is this possible? I'm confused. What will happen to the 485 (and the first 140) when they file second 140?


    Please be careful. some days back some of my friends caught up with this substitute LC and lost money. Please be careful before investing any kind of money esp if it is for desi body shoppers. USCIS is taking strict major and many substitute LC are getting rejected. so be cautious

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  • as Yemeni President Ali

  • amaacnt27
    03-31 08:11 PM
    I am working with A on h1b and the visa expires on May 1st 2010.
    Recently I got another offer with B and they filed my h1b transfer (regular).
    The offer they gave me verbally is different from what's on the offer letter, when I contacted them there insist that they never "promised" , so I did not want to take that offer now.
    Can I now ask employer A to file the extension and continue working with A?. Will that create any issues if the transfer with B gets Approved/rejected?. or is there any alternate?. Please help.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Yemen Comedy ~Part One

  • nixstor
    07-27 03:58 PM
    Unless it is a software error from the Joomla software, whats the point in having 4 threads on this?

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  • as Yemeni President Ali

  • simple1
    06-23 01:42 PM
    While I laugh at that guy. I would like to remind you that we are living in a republic and not in a democracy.

    Any one can be a self hurting fool using his/her "Individual�s God-given, unalienable rights". While in a democracy individuals worry about majority rule and popular thought.

    I dont understand why Obama (a former senior lecturer in constitutional law ) refers to this country as democracy.

    HELLO Chicago. If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer... "

    While the founders were fearful of democracy ( the mob rule ).

    Both India and USA are republics not democracies.


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  • 6 week voyage from Yemen.

  • StukAtBEC
    08-04 10:57 AM

    I' am a new member and I recently read about IV group on with regards to the flower campaign. Congratulations to all of them who could file thier I-140's and I-485's. Special thanks to all those who were involved in getting this resolution.

    This is my first post and I would like to know if we can all get together and request DOS for accomodating all the pending applicants with BEC's during the October's Visa bulletin.

    I know it sounds ridiculous but if you put the numbers together...currently there are around 25000 applications pending with BEC's and by Aug 17th those numbers might come down to 22,000. I' am not sure what would USCIS or DOS would gain in holding these 22000 applications back. May be 50,000 with dependents.

    The best solution would be to have PD's of April'2005 for all EB categories in the month of October'07. If IV group could lobby for all the remaining applicants at BEC's, then it would be ideal for every one. Justice to all aspiring legal immigrants.

    All of us can then focus our energies on other issues like Visa numbers, capturing unused visas, not counting dependents in the visa quota etc.

    I hope everyone (those who have already submitted I-140's and I-485's) can support us on this issue and this should be on top of all the priorities.

    Please provide any suggestions you might have on this subject.
    ************************************************** ******
    My labor details:
    EB2; Nov-2004; Non-RIR; Stuck at PBEC.

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  • Republic of Yemen (Arabian

  • sunny1000
    12-22 02:54 PM
    What does this mean in terms of advancement of dates for EB3I in the Feb Bull.

    You can check that discussion/prediction on this thread:


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  • Republic of Yemen (Arabian

  • addsf345
    08-21 01:15 PM

    stop spamming

    dresses as Yemeni President Ali yemen funny. funny picture jokes,
  • funny picture jokes,

  • eastindia
    10-15 11:59 AM
    Is that all US citizens of India origin do in USA politically?

    They only care about such news and feel happy?

    And who are these so called Indian leaders shown in the video? What have they done for us.

    What BS .

    I am amazed that people are posting this link and feeling happy about it on the forum.


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  • A baby Yemen chameleon,

  • aug2007
    03-22 01:03 PM
    While working for Company A, I took LC substitute (may 2007 as a future employer) for Compnay B and filed concurrent 140/485 in July 2007 fiasco (India EB3 PD Oct 2004). Later in Feb 08, I've joined Company B with H1 transfer while 140 & 485 were pending (for me and my spouse). I've not filed H4 ext for my wife thru company B as we both had VISA stamping from Company A till 4 Apr 09. I94 also has the same dates.

    My H1 with company B got approved early this month (Took 12+ months after one RFE was answered in Oct 08). New H1 and I94 on Approved 797 has the date till 02 Oct 2010 (6 yrs from the first H1 start date). The I94 card number is not same as my previous I94 card. 140 got approved in Oct 08. I've valid EAD (renewed once) but never used it.

    I'm curently on H1 and my wife is on H4. My wife's EAD is expired and I'm in the process of renewing it. My wife's H4 & I94 is expiring on 4 Apr 09 and I've not filed for H4 extn.

    1. Do I need to file H4 extn? Or will my wife's status changes to AOS when the H4 & I94 expires? Will my status also have to change from H1 to AOS inorder for my wife's status to change to AOS?
    2. If my wife can change to AOS while I'm on H1, can she start using EAD and I continue to be on H1?
    3. If I'm on H1 and loose the job then I'll have to go back to India. But if I change my status to AOS/EAD then I can stay in US waiting for the next job. If I loose the job, can I change to EAD (after losing the job) or should it be done while I've job in hand?
    4. If I switch to EAD and have some issue with 485 processing, can I switch back to H1 (Provided I'm still with the same employer and my H1 is valid)? What happens to my wife's staus in this case?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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    12-14 10:17 AM

    Which state you are in? In some states non-compete is not valid.

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  • The 1 True King of Yemen

  • jasonpark
    August 9th, 2005, 02:59 PM
    Looking for cratiques of my pictures on my new website

    Thanks in advance

    12-04 07:32 PM
    INteresting news on Times

    Should we contact her for GC backlogs also....IV core can comment!!

    Great Idea!
    I believe, we should contact her office, maybe try to sending some faxes or calls.

    Are you attending the Rally? Please do, it is important for EB community.

    07-27 05:48 PM
    I am not sure if non-citizen, non-PR person can contribute to the campaign's of the federal office candidates.

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