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  • eb3retro
    08-12 07:36 AM
    is part of its profit going to IV? only then IV folks will support it. else, please do not use this siite for your commercial purpose.

    Check this out! a visa bulletin & processing time iPhone App.

    VisaProcs App provides you with the most recent visa bulletin and
    processing times for petitions and applications submitted to the USCIS.

    Here is the iTunes link:
    VisaProcs - Visa Bulletin & Service Centers Processing Time for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store (

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  • waitnwatch
    09-11 11:13 AM
    Two questions for the experts...

    I am on J1 visa and have received a home residency requirement waiver. Do the experts here know if I can apply for a J1 visa extension (after receiving the waiver)? I read somewhere that it may not be possible to do so.

    Also, are there are any foreign travel restriction on a J-1 visa?


    Getting a waiver implies that you want to change your status. So renewal may not be a good idea. I would talk to a lawyer about the implications.

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  • gc??
    05-04 12:58 PM
    Why does a PERM get audited? There are many threads regarding perm audits and denials.. thanks

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  • gc_lover
    06-10 07:35 PM
    Can anybody please let me know what are the documents needed to file for 485. If I do not have any immunization record, how can I show that immunization record?
    Somebody with experience please post. It has been answered earlier elsewhere, but I could not find it through search.
    Thank you

    Search the forums on this site. These things have been discussed multiple times in few threads, just need to find it.


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  • H1b_to_GC
    06-04 10:59 AM
    What did you attorney tell you to do?

    I emailed attorney and waiting for reply.

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  • solaris27
    08-07 01:51 PM
    yes its changes online also but don't count on it..


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  • JunRN
    11-30 10:46 AM
    Possibly, USCIS will ask for your updated employment contract and job description. RFE is usually sent to your lawyer.

    I don't know why they split your wife's application. Did you marry after you applied for GC?

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  • amitjoey
    01-21 12:33 PM
    Hi guys,

    I know this is Off Topic (OT), but I was wondering if ALL Tax payers including immigrants on H1B will be getting the proposed tax rebates. This had happened in 2001 as well and my citizen co-workers remember getting checks.

    Does anyone who was on an H1B in 2001 remember getting a similar rebate check? I definitely dont remember getting one.

    For tax purposes, you are considered a "US resident" and will get all the breaks or rebates that a US Resident will get.
    I think I did get the 2001 year rebate


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  • sk_pmdw
    02-25 01:51 PM
    Recently we had been to India trip( Jan -Feb 2010), we also had expired H1 stampings but valid H1B.
    You do not require Transit visa if you are passing through Frankfurt.

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  • ramus
    07-05 08:45 PM
    Thank you..

    Can you please post your question on this thread

    ---- Please continue any discussion on this topic in the thread whose link is provide above. OP - please delete this thread or ask the mods to do the delete. Hope you understand that extra threads arent good.


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  • Pasquale
    04-01 12:33 AM
    *cricket chirp*


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  • akhilmahajan
    07-20 01:06 PM
    Medical results are valid till 1 years from the date they are done. Also if you got it done from a uscis approved doctor u r all set.

    Lot of ppl get vaccination and everything done before hand.
    Check with ur lawyer, but as far as i know it should be good.


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  • AZ_GC
    08-22 06:20 PM
    Your GC is future job based, if your current company agrees to sponsor your paperwork even after you do H-1 transfer then you might be able to pull it off. Otherwise it is i agree in the trash can.

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  • STAmisha
    06-23 10:23 PM
    Bumping up


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  • gc28262
    04-30 05:12 PM
    Good one !

    Even Lady liberty is an illegal immigrant from an Arizonian mexican's point of view.
    What an irony !

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  • learning01
    02-19 09:22 PM
    How does it affect leagal immigrants or legal aliens? Can you be more specific and to the point?

    Maryland House Judiciary Committee hearing on House Bill 1443
    A bill prohibiting drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants
    Tuesday, February 21, 2006, 1 p.m. (subject to change)
    Joint Hearing Room
    Legislative Services Building
    Annapolis, MD 21401-1991

    House Bill 1443 would prohibit, in order to facilitate compliance with the federal Real ID Act, the Motor Vehicle Administration from issuing a new driver's license to an individual who cannot provide specified documentation certifying that the individual is lawfully present in the United States in accordance with federal law, except under specified circumstances.


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  • 123456mg
    12-12 06:20 PM
    You are not alone. I will be joining the same pool. In fact, I have already served a notice and would be leaving this company of mine on the same day on which I will be flying to India. I do not know if there will be any issues of it while coming back on AP but I would have already passed 180 days well before it.

    Gurus, please advise.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    07-22 04:22 PM
    First of all, let me begin by congratulating the IV core team and other members on staging a dignified protest to the entire July VB fiasco!

    I have a question regarding the medical exam for the AOS. The civil surgeon I went to did not do a TB skin test and instead took an x-ray to verify no signs of TB. Has anyone else had the same experience, i.e. no skin test, x-ray only?

    The other strange thing he told me was that some of his patients send the x-ray as part of the 485 application. Has any1 else heard of anything like this?

    Last I checked, the USCIS did not employ medical personnel, but then what do I know?

    Any input from fellow IV members is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and good luck to all.

    This answers your question:


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  • Queen Josephine
    May 6th, 2005, 11:50 PM
    Queen, it's good to know you're still receiving treatment for your condition. ;)

    :D Well, they can't stop treatment until there's some improvement!

    Blood camp for Soldiers [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Blood camp for Soldiers

    07-26 01:49 PM

    TSC last Receipts:

    RD ---- ND
    06/20 07/23
    06/21 07/20
    06/19 07/20
    06/19 07/20
    06/21 07/19
    06/21 07/19
    06/18 07/19
    06/21 07/19
    06/14 07/19
    06/21 07/19

    NSC last Receipts

    RD ---- ND
    06/24 07/26
    06/29 07/24
    06/04 07/23
    06/26 07/23
    06/27 07/23
    06/27 07/23
    06/25 07/20
    06/26 07/20
    06/26 07/20
    06/18 07/20
    06/04 07/20

    11-21 09:17 AM
    Hi Gurus,

    Sorry I could not find answer for this question on any of the threads here. can anyone please answer the question below

    "Copy of visa page of passport in color " is listed as one of the supporting docs for ead renewal.(in the IV thread on EAD self filing)

    Do I need to send the copy of visa stamp even if my stamp has expired and I am working on EAD? (my I-797/I-94 expired too).

    Can someone please answer this as I need to apply for ead renewal soon.

    I had the same question so i spoke to my lawyer/attorney
    she said that it is not necessary
    infact in intial eveidence
    1) copy of passport or DL or Visa Page or some national Id with picture
    2) color photos
    3) copy of 485 recipt or EAD

    She said most of the attornies/lawyers are asking for extra documentations so that to pre-empt RFEs but she asked me to file with intial evidence that is asked on the instruction form i.e the three items i mentioned above.
    I filed with those if they require additional evidence i will comply.

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