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kabul map 2010

images kabul map afghanistan. kabul map 2010. afghanistan kabul map
  • afghanistan kabul map

  • sdrblr
    10-19 10:15 AM
    US is a sovereign country and Govt of India cannot say what to do and how to handle the immigration issues. Hell GOI cannot handle its own immigration issue on the eastern border :)

    More over the big Indian IT companies lose employees (read as revenue) if they lobby for GC.

    wallpaper afghanistan kabul map kabul map 2010. 2010 of Kabul#39;s pollution.
  • 2010 of Kabul#39;s pollution.

  • billu
    07-30 08:19 PM
    My in-laws got their visa at new delhi consulate on friday. they had appointment in english at new delhi. I had been looking for hindi appt dates at new delhi since june mid every day for 6-7 hours at morning and evening but could not get any hindi dates. Finally, had to book english dates on july 23 for july 30 appointment. here is my in-laws' experience:

    first, they had a VO who asked them qs in english with accent. they were not able to understand a thing, so they requested him to ask qs in hindi after which he asked them to go to another counter where a young guy asked them qs in hindi. he was very polite and smiling all the time.

    VO: Show me ur daughter's visa
    we did not send them my wife's visa since i was sponsoring them.
    Dad: We do not have daughter's visa. Here is son-in-law's visa

    VO looked at the visa (I-797 and visa stamp copy), checked in computer for 4-5 mins and then asked
    VO: Was it an arranged marriage?
    Dad: Yes
    VO: Tell me more about the process.
    Dad: It was arranged marriage. My son-in-law's parents contacted us and then the girl and boy met each other and .....he described the process of arranged marriage.

    VO smiled and asked: What do you do?
    Dad: I am a businessman.
    VO: What kind of business you do?
    Dad told about his business

    VO: Aapka Visa Manzoor ho gaya hai (Your visa has been approved).

    kabul map 2010. hot cover for Kabul map kabul
  • hot cover for Kabul map kabul

  • solaris27
    05-26 02:52 PM
    You need to wait till you get married and have marriage certificate

    you can just make sure you have all required documents.Now its easy to get appointments in 1-2 week time frame.

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  • 2010 All hotels in Kabul,

  • factoryman
    06-13 07:54 PM
    No, not necessarily in my opinion. She has legal F1 status and that is what you will show on the relevant forms.
    I have my 140 approved and my wife is on F1. How can I proceed with filing 485? (since the dates are current). I am thinking that my wife need to be on H4 before I file for 485.
    Will appreciate if anyone has had similar experience and is willing to share.



    kabul map 2010. [show on map] kabul map.
  • [show on map] kabul map.

  • santa123
    06-14 11:21 PM
    Mine got approved in about 2 months time. My labor certificate reached the lawyer who passed it on to my employer.

    I did a big mistake of not asking for a copy and again when I received it while filing I140 - did not make a copy again.

    Please save a copy for yourself - it helps a lot while switching jobs during AC21.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks. But how long did it take to get the physical copy after the online approval / approval mail from DOL.
    I assume, you would have signed the labor before applying for I140.

    Pls clarify.

    kabul map 2010. Kabul, Afghanistan. 05/08/2010
  • Kabul, Afghanistan. 05/08/2010

  • gimme_GC2006
    07-13 09:00 PM
    ^^^Bump^^^ :rolleyes:

    Any takers? :confused:


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  • 2010 kabul to jalalabad,

  • martinvisalaw
    07-08 07:28 PM
    No, no fee for an EADs or APs in this case

    2010 hot cover for Kabul map kabul kabul map 2010. kabul map afghanistan.
  • kabul map afghanistan.

  • alterego
    02-05 05:57 PM
    Matthew Oh is reporting that the USCIS is planning to deny EAD applications filed more than 120 days before expiry. Source is described as correspondence to AILA from the USCIS. Hmmm!
    I thought I read somewhere on their website that we should apply 180 days before expiry.


    kabul map 2010. AN AFGHANISTAN MAP THAT THEY

  • ashwaghoshk
    04-14 09:44 AM
    yes, they are right. if you try to file GC now then they will calculate your stay period and ask you to leave the country immediately (they wont even wait for july 2011). I think it makes sense to go out of country asap for one full year, come back with new H1 and then start the GC process. Alternatively if ur spouse is working and is on valid status then convert to H4. you can start ur GC process on H4 too. Once labor is approved activate your H1 and file for 7th-8th year extension.

    im not a lawyer but my experience with immigration gives me the knowledge to suggest you the above. in such critical time its always worth to contact an immigration lawyer and seek advice.

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  • kabul afghanistan map. in

  • go_getter007
    12-12 09:09 PM
    Good luck with whatever club you belong to.


    sorry - just thought you would laugh it off - forgot i'm in the 'extra sensitive' club of gc seekers.


    kabul map 2010. 2010 Facts of Kabul
  • 2010 Facts of Kabul

  • yganreddy
    07-07 03:46 AM
    it is nothing but an employer letter in which you need to specify your designation and your continuation of your employment with that company. I sent the same letter for H4 stamping to my spouse.

    hot [show on map] kabul map. kabul map 2010. Afghanistan map
  • Afghanistan map

  • trexx7
    07-27 11:09 AM
    Since Company A is for future Emp and I never worked for it. Can I still use AC21 and join Company B. Thanks once again


    house Nowshera kabul river map. kabul map 2010. house kabul. Map of Kabul
  • house kabul. Map of Kabul

    05-18 11:36 AM
    Have them check at the Local Consulate. That will be their best bet

    tattoo Kabul, Afghanistan. 05/08/2010 kabul map 2010. 2010 Map kabul river map.
  • 2010 Map kabul river map.

  • jnraajan
    03-26 11:05 AM
    What is NIW?

    National Interest Waiver


    pictures 2010 kabul to jalalabad, kabul map 2010. kabul map afghanistan. Map.
  • kabul map afghanistan. Map.

  • nandakumar
    03-27 01:15 PM
    My I140 was originally filed at California service center, on 3/24/2006 it was transferred to Texas service center.

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  • kabul city map. makeup

  • KarachiWala
    12-12 07:19 PM
    I have my AP approved H1 valid till 2009 but stamp expired. If I marry a non us resident and bring her on H4 and Myself enter in US using AP. Does it mean that my H1 is invalidated?

    Does it mean that my wife's H4 will be invalidated also and she becomes out of status since my H1 is invalidated?

    Or I am completely wrong here?

    I can't file her 485 since my PD is not current and also I cant have h1 restamped cause it takes way long to get it stamped.

    Any Idea?


    makeup AN AFGHANISTAN MAP THAT THEY kabul map 2010. Nowshera kabul river map.
  • Nowshera kabul river map.

  • zram1977
    09-25 01:07 PM
    Can an AILA member post contents of this doc.

    # 9/24/2009 DOS Provides Background on Visa Allocation Process
    As all employment-based visas have been allocated for FY2009, Charles Oppenheim, Chief, Immigrant Control and Reporting Division Visa Services Office, provides an explanation on how the Department of State allocates visas through its Immigrant Visa Allocation Management System (IVAMS). AILA Doc. No. 09240920.

    AILA - Restricted Access Page (
    Something related to IVAMS

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  • 2011 makeup 2010 Kabul City

  • Sheila Danzig
    02-25 01:55 PM
    Immigration law is federal law. You can work with a good attorney anywhere in the country via fax, phone and email.

    Hi Everybody,

    Could you please recommend a competent and an experienced immigration attorney in the Central NJ area?

    I will be grateful to you for any help from you on this matter.


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  • kabul afghanistan map. west of

  • thomachan72
    11-03 02:12 PM
    3% seems very good.
    Also if you can set aside some money for >3 years, putting it in an NRO term deposit is also pretty good. Now they range around 7.5 to 8%. You can repatriate the interest income after due taxes are paid.

    09-11 08:14 PM

    My h1 extension is under process. Once it gets approved can I am thinking of going to canada and get it stamped. My wife has also applied for cos from h1 to h4. It was not applied with my h1 extension but was applied 1 month later.
    My question-
    Can we go for h1 stamping for myself(once approved) and h4 stamping for my wife , even though her h4 is pending.Would I-539 receipt notice would suffice .

    06-26 11:49 PM
    Helo all,

    Thanks for you advises.

    Here is my case details. GC is under retrogression
    PD is 09/2005, concurrently filed both I140 and 485, AP and EAD on Dec 2004at California Center , but employer located at NJ. According to attorney as I am working in CA, he has to file at CA. Dependent's 485 is not applied and now she is in US on H4. Never used AP and EAD. Working on H1 with GC sposor employer only.
    I140 got approved in Aug 2005. Applied for 7 th year extension for me and dependent. Got approved for three years based on approved I140

    Now I want to move to Texas and want to transfer H1 to new employer using AC21. Can I relocate from CA to Texas( In ETA forms Job location is mentioned as Undecided) and can I get 3 years H1 transfer approval through new employer?

    New employer will give offer letter as Programmer Analyst with very good salary than current, but he is requesting to work as QA for some time at client place in Texas. Can I work in different job responsibilities at cleint though new employer's offer letter says Programmer Analyst with same job responsibilities mentioned in Labor?

    Please advise me

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