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addicted to food oprah winfrey network

addicted to food oprah winfrey network. (AP) - Oprah Winfrey says
  • (AP) - Oprah Winfrey says

  • csalm87
    Apr 15, 03:22 PM
    so 10.8 might be cougar. but if so the system requirements will make it only run on older hardware.....

    LMAO! Good one.

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  • Nausicaa
    Apr 22, 04:45 PM
    Why? I loved my iPhone 4 (before I lost it) but my 3GS is far easier to hold.

    I still prefer the iPhone4 design aesthetically, but the reason is the awesomeness of the exterior metallic antenna look, rather than the rectangular block shape. Although, a teardrop design would mean the loss of the external antenna, which would be disappointing from an aesthetic point of view, but something I could live with.

    Yup, I was one of the haters when the iPhone 4 leaked. I still prefer the physical design of my 3GS. The rounded edged are perfect holding the phone feels like shaking someone's hand. The iPhone 4 doesn't feel as nice to hold, even if it does have nicer aesthetics.

    I would kill for a return to the old design, but eliminate the chrome rim on the front and have the back case curl all the way up to the black face. Then made the back from a new material that doesn't crack as easily as the old plastic. Maybe a molded carbon fiber design? That would be sexy as hell. An iPhone 4 style dark grey carbon back casing flush with the now iconic black face, no shiny chrome ********.

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 28, 12:31 PM
    Why do people allow the same 2 or 3 chronic trolls to drag these threads out into perpetuity?

    Since the mods refuse to weed out the obvious agitators, please use the Ignore list and add these pitiable individuals to it. It will make this forum a much better place.

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  • mc68k
    Nov 30, 12:08 PM
    i recently got a ps3 slim, does ps3 folding rely on ps3 linux?


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  • MacRumoron
    Aug 15, 01:44 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

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  • Doctor Q
    Dec 2, 12:20 PM
    In this case, it has been examined, and the result is that there will be a Kernel Panic.

    The important thing is, there is no security risk. Nobody can use this to install a virus or adware on your computer. They can use it to crash your computer - once if you are clever, twice if you are not quite so clever, but not more often. They can't do anything but crash the computer.Mac OS X is so stable that I am perfectly comfortable working for an hour in between saving my open files. If I was likely to run into websites that purposely exploited a flaw to crash my Mac, I'd have to change my habits and live more defensively.

    Sure, losing work would be my fault for not saving after each keystroke, but I'd still blame the website. For example, suppose it was a site pretending to take a political poll, but if you voted against their favored choice, they punished you with a system crash. Even if this is not a security concern, it's a concern, and I'd like to see it fixed.

    These types of reports don't panic me and I'm glad that Apple does pay attention to most bugs and security concerns. I don't expect them to avoid all glitches, only to make a reasonable effort when programming their O.S. and applications, and to fix problems that are later revealed.


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  • ChrisTX
    Apr 22, 08:18 PM
    I will say the market seems to disagree.
    It seems to be 4-4.3 in screens is the sweet spot. 4.5 seems to be 2 big but 4-4.3 people seem to like.

    Unless you take into consideration that not a single one of those phones sell even remotely as well as the iPhone.

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  • htcbug
    Apr 20, 09:34 AM
    For me, nothing can be compared to a BACKLIT keyboard. If new mba owns one, I'll buy a 13-inch one immediately and set it as my primary computer. If not, I'll turn to a 13-inch mbp...


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  • Hutch98R1
    Jan 30, 07:45 PM
    Here is my question with the market....

    A year ago, when Apple was at 80 and the iPhone and all the new products had been announced, I figured everyone knew how great these products were going to be and had already inflated the price of the stock to a high 80. So, I decided not to buy.... well, as we know, the stock rose over 200. Everyone bought much later on.

    So, does this translate to: In a market that I know a lot about and believe in, even though new product news is out, before profit/financial news it out, should I still buy?
    (Yes, I am relatively new at this... flame on)
    It just drives me nuts, that I knew things were going to do well, and thought everyone already knew and had bought.

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  • mozmac
    Jul 28, 11:05 AM
    A.K.A...."If Zune fails, you can't bash us in the media. We told you it wasn't going to be successful." And then when it's still unsuccessful after five years, they'll be like, "Forget about Zune, look at this new operating system we're releasing this year. It's called Vista. It has this new search feature called Floodlight. When you search for something it instantly floods you with results from your hard drive."


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  • arogge
    Jun 7, 03:00 AM

    We should get rid of the stupid Parental Controls in OS X. I've already been locked out once, and it may happen again. For some reason, Safari suddenly decided that several of the Websites that I'd been using were inappropriate for me to view. These included at least one federal government Website.

    The Parental Controls weren't even activated, at least not that I could tell. The only thing that was running was a keyword filter for Safari, which I didn't intentionally activate. Parental Controls have no place in an operating system that is being used for real work. It's one more thing that can go wrong, and it's a waste of disk space.

    Parents should learn to supervise their children while a child is using the computer, and if they don't care to supervise or aren't educated enough to understand how that computer works, they shouldn't own a computer. I am so tired of hearing these news stories about how the parents "didn't know" that their child was doing something illegal or was being bullied for months. How can you not know what's going on in your own home, on the computer that you bought?

    A computer was not meant to be a toy that could be used by anybody above a 2nd-grade reading level. These same whiny parents then turn around and blame the social networking companies, blogs (used as another name for "chat rooms"), cell phone companies, schoolteachers, and anybody else that could be connected to their children through technology, but they never seem to want to blame themselves for being bad parents who like to forget that their children exist. Considering the number of downright-dumb parents that I've run into, I'm surprised that the society does as well as it does. These people are frankly too stupid to live, and they're the reason why most everything these days comes with disclaimers, warning labels, or nanny features that try to prevent you from hurting yourself and others.

    There's even this latest thing that demands restaurants start putting on their menus how many Calories are in each of their foods, because the dumb people don't understand that eating fried foods and sitting on their butts all day can eventually make you fat. I've been deliberately ordering foods with the warning labels just for fun. Oh, this has 2,100 Calories? Is that bad? The nannies want you to say yes, you say? Good, I'll take that and a large soda, and how about a couple of sides too! Uno Chicago Grill was one of the restaurants labeled for having too many Calories, yet after 10 years of eating what the nannies say are dangerous foods, I'm still not fat. Stay out of my favorite foods!

    People should be forced to take responsibility for their own lives much more often, and this nonsense of allowing frivolous lawsuits should end.

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  • destroyboredom
    Apr 12, 04:52 PM
    Looks like ill be going to Android.

    Some how I doubt that. You have an iPhone 4 and your upgrade isn't until 11/25/2011 (as previously stated by you). I guess you could go android but it may come at a steep cost.


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  • Apple 26.2
    May 4, 06:03 AM
    Interesting, but nothing new offered here.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 10:36 PM
    Take the fight to them Sammy! Don't give in to the bully that Apple has become.

    Even more entertaining is the fact that Apple is so arrogant they fail to realize how stupid they look.

    Suing their biggest vendor.

    It doesn't get any more stupid than that.


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  • Oprah Winfrey yesterday spoke

  • oldwatery
    Apr 22, 04:18 PM
    I'm confused :confused:
    I thought the latest rumor was for the 5 to retain the form factor of the 4 with no redesign till the 6 next year.
    I like what I see here and will definitely be a player for it when and if it materializes.
    I don't like the 4's thick and heavy look at all so for me this is a step in the right direction.

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  • TV network this weekend?

  • leekohler
    Feb 28, 05:53 PM
    No, I read that the show actually generates around $160m per year for ABC through advertisers.

    You may not like him, but I suppose he is underpaid for the money he can generate...

    Oh, and Youtube clip of the Tiger blood/Sinatra/"Dying is for Amateurs"/"I'm bi-winning" ( interview. :eek: :p

    Between him and Cryer, that's still half of what the show brings in. And you're still not factoring in production costs.


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  • GadgetAddict
    Apr 25, 11:32 AM
    It's that time of the year again... :)

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Apr 27, 06:30 PM
    If you don't have a daughter, then you don't have a clue.
    I have seen some transgenders, and I have nothing to say to them.

    I, on the other hand, do have a daughter. And if I saw someone who was obviously transgendered (as opposed to 'obviously pedophile cross-dresser',) I would have no problem with them entering the ladies room at the same time as my daughter.

    We don't have the complete story behind the video, just as we didn't have the complete story behind the Rodney King beating video up front; but on the face of it, this is a group of young women beating a transgendered person until she has a seizure. All the while, being egged on by the employees of the store.

    Now, if the 'transgendered person' was really just a creepy crossdresser, someone who does not regularly self-identify as female, and exposed himself to the young women, then I would not have a problem with the young women defending themselves. But once it was out in the open part of the restaurant, with the 'offender' on the ground, that person is no longer a threat. And once they leave, any return to fight is purely wrong.

    At best, the attackers had a legitimate complaint, and took it waaaaay too far. At worst, they committed felony assault as a hate crime.

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  • MacRumors
    Jul 21, 10:06 AM (

    Along with the recent encouraging 3Q 2006 financial results ( from Apple on Wednesday, independent research firms Gartner and IDC have recently reported on 2Q 2006 market share ( (via MacWorld). Both firms report solid gains from 1 year ago, with IDC reporting a jump from 4.4 to 4.8% U.S. Marketshare and Gartner reporting a jump from 4.3 to 4.6%, making the Mac maker the 4th largest maker of computers behind Dell (32%), HP (18.9%), and Gateway (6.2%).

    This is the first reported gains in marketshare for Apple since the Intel transition, as last quarter saw minor losses ( From last quarter, it appears as though Apple has gained an entire percentage point in market share (up from 3.5-3.6% 1Q 2006).

    Digg This (

    Apr 13, 02:03 PM
    Not a single analyst has explained WHY this would be better for Apple than simply selling more Apple TVs. They just say it like it makes sense and expect us to believe them.

    I'm sorry, but that's not good enough.

    WHY would Apple want to take on shipments of large, expensive packages?

    WHY would Apple want to limit their market for a new product to people who want an entirely new TV?

    WHY do you think Apple cares more about what logo is on the back of the TV that by what software is showing up on the screen?

    And WHY isn't the Apple TV good enough for the goal of getting the iOS and iTunes worlds into the living room?

    I think the changes to the latest Apple TV is a sign of where Apple wants to be headed. The next Apple TV will be even smaller and come free when you buy a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Wait and see! Just like giving e-mail away helps Google's ecosystem, so does getting Apple TVs into people's houses help Apple's ecosystem.

    Selling some $2,000 TV doesn't help with that.

    because in the big picture the apple tv is a tiny niche product and will stay that way with boxee and roku. consoles rule the living room as media boxes

    Apr 3, 03:34 PM
    caught in the garden

    Sep 13, 08:17 PM
    Linkin Park A Thousand Suns

    Only one song kicks ass and it's called "Wretches And kings" It's going to be a hit in da clubs. I said it first! :D

    Apr 22, 10:53 PM
    Apples got to be thrilled, they got just what they wanted. A good dose of conflict and confrontation.

    I truly believe Steve is addicted to chaos.

    Gee, is that why their stock goes up 10 points at the end of every quarter?

    I'll take the dose of conflict and confrontation with my Apple stock.

    And how is your Samsung and MS stock doing?

    Enough said!

    Apr 27, 03:44 AM
    I will not use any cloud stuff anyway, if it's free or not doesn't matter. No need for government and corporations to gather even more data on everybody. It's a sour pill wrapped in a thin layer of sugar. Everybody embracing this cloud stuff seems to either be not very well informed or simply doesn't value freedom and the simple democratic rule of "innocent until proven otherwise".

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