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bernard hopkins

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  • LieutenantLefse
    Jul 24, 04:57 PM
    I suppose I could use a standard AA battery recharger. I haven't seen one in use since about 10 years ago and they never used to be very good...

    The current NiMH rechargeables are much, much better than the old NiCds; they last longer and allow more recharge cycles. They still don't last as long per cycle as an alkaline, but for battery-hungry gadgets NiMH is great.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 16, 02:14 PM
    MacBook Air from late 2010 now boots standard with 64-bit Kernel and Extensions enabled!

    Awesome news. Anyone test this with the old Unibody Macbook/White Macbook ? Is everything now booting into 64-bit by default ?

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  • dscuber9000
    May 1, 10:11 PM
    Agreed, I don't think this will stop or slow anything. Knowing he is dead though is a good thing.

    That's kinda how I feel about this. Would have been great if we captured him (though that started to feel unrealistic, what, seven years ago?) but this was the inevitable outcome. Don't feel any real positive emotion out of it because of how long it took, and how the most damage of 9/11 came from our response in my opinion, but yay I guess? I don't believe he was very active in Al Qaeda anymore, and even if he was, he's an easy replacement.

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  • cal6n
    Apr 24, 07:07 AM
    No surprise that Apple are developing an iphone suitable for T-Mobile and other carriers that use the same spectrum. It is only AT&T's exclusivity that's held them back so long. And it's only that exclusivity that's held them back from offering unsubsidised, unlocked iPhones in their stores. The iPhone will be 4 years old in June. maybe AT&T's stranglehold is coming to an end.

    If you want to see an iPhone ecosystem to Apple's liking you need to look at the UK, where O2 only had exclusivity for 2 years. Within months, every major network and most of the minor ones started to offer the iPhone. Now even the chav (that probably translates best as "trailer-trash") supermarket network of choice, Tesco, sells it. Competition keeps the prices lowish, but not as low as the junk android handsets and Apple sells unlocked iPhones at full price for those of us with cheap SIM-only plans.


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  • macUser2007
    Apr 22, 07:26 PM

    This makes the new iPhone similar to an entry-level Android.

    Apple needs to bump this to 4" or 4.1".

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  • cleanup
    Sep 13, 02:37 PM
    Go there. The Bier Markt was one of my regular stomps when I used to live in Toronto. Actually, I used to live a few minutes away, in a condo right by the St. Lawrence Market.

    If they carry Blue Moon, try that one too.

    My girlfriend and I have tried to stop by on a few occasions but it's always enormously packed when we go (our own fault for only being in the area on Friday & Saturday nights) and we end up going to Corner Bar up the street instead. But it's definitely at the top of my to-do-soon list. :)


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    Apr 5, 05:00 AM
    Wow, that is absolutely stunning and beautiful shot. Looks fanastic:D

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  • rnelan7
    Oct 21, 12:45 PM
    A trip to Mont Tremblant.

    My College has a trip there every winter for five days. Luckily I am able to go this year so I am pumped big time.


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  • Vantage Point
    Apr 25, 11:50 AM
    Add a third option, 24" with a 16:10 ratio and a matte option. Easier on the eyes and more vertical space. The 27" was murder on my eyes and I had to sell mine.

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  • Yvan256
    Jul 28, 10:05 AM
    Don't forget, ALL consoles lose money when they first ship.

    Nintendo never sold any console at a loss.

    I tend to agree with you, but that is just business, and Microsoft is good at it. If we want to point fingers, point them at the consumers. The only reason Microsoft still pours money into things is because people will still buy their products. Microsoft also uses their position of having a large amount of disposable cash. If their product sucks, people won't buy it, and Microsoft suffers.

    If that were true, Microsoft would never have been able to survive after Windows 95.

    If a product sucks but almost everyone else is using it, most people will use it too.


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  • CFreymarc
    Mar 29, 08:25 AM
    Sadly, Vegas will cost you more for a week than SF (if you want to do it "right").

    And doing San Francisco "right" is close if not more. At least in Vegas you have massive competition for your entertainment dollar. San Francisco entertainment venues is this strange, cabal like maze of approval processes with some social engineering objective hidden from the public.

    Hotels, restaurants and other "substance" costs are a hell of a lot cheaper in Vegas than in San Francisco. I did Vegas for less than a grand in a week last summer just to see how far I could stretch my dollar. I ended up with free rooms, free food, complementary shows and spent my money on what matters -- booze, guns and women!

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  • Apple OC
    May 1, 10:54 PM
    I suggest reading up on what Al-Qaeda has become since the war on terror started. I'm trying to track down my terrorist textbook to source for you in the mean time.

    you do that :rolleyes: ... your textbook on terrorism now needs to be updated with Osama dead


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  • AppleFanatic10
    Dec 2, 02:59 AM
    To be honest, I kind of have everything I want. (mainly my Mac and phone). I think for Christmas I would like a few hundred bucks (just incase I wanted to buy something) and certainly a new watch, which I might end up buying myself before then.

    LOL same here; Finally got a mac after begging my parents for 3+ years.... ended up buying it myself :). And I have my Blackberry; so there's actually nothing I want this christmas. And if I did end up wanting anything I'd buy it myself sooo.... nope there's nothing :cool:

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  • Chundles
    Oct 24, 08:23 AM
    I've currently got a single 1GB stick in a three year old PB - will that be OK to swap into a new MBP?


    No, RAM from any PPC Mac won't work in any Intel Mac. Apple use a different type of RAM in their Intel machines and whilst all Intel Macs (aside from the Mac Pro) use the same type of RAM the same isn't true of the old PPC Macs.

    Your 1GB stick won't work at all.


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  • ShiftyPig
    Apr 22, 05:18 PM
    So wait, not to go off-topic, but let me get this straight: Josh quit Engadget to start another tech blog? FFS, like we don't have enough of those already.

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  • Corey Grandy
    Sep 13, 09:43 AM
    D'awww. What kind? Looks like our 100+ pound Great Pyrenees did when she was a puppy...she's slightly larger now :p

    He's a Toy Eskimo :)
    I love the little guy.
    He'll grow to be about a foot off the ground and 12 lbs., if he's "Lucky"


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  • hulugu
    May 2, 12:53 AM
    If you want to go that route, milk it for all it's worth. Preserve him, decorate him as a pi�ata, and have anyone who wants take three whacks on primetime worldwide TV. Families of 9/11 victims get to be first in line.

    I'm not sure stuffing a corpse with candy is very hygienic. ;)

    Seriously, though, we're going to treat him like Hector? Like he was some great hero worthy of our wrath and opprobrium?

    I disagree, we should wrap him in an army blanket and bury Bin Laden in an unmarked grave; the man's had enough celebrity already.

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  • samcraig
    Apr 29, 05:39 PM
    I don't have a blu-ray player and have no plans on buying one. I also don't have an HD TV, still using a 10+ year old Sony Trinitron. It's not broke so it's not getting replaced till it is.

    I buy all my TV shows on iTunes in HD and watch them on my 15" MBP.

    Even if Amazon has 69 cent songs, I I will likely continue buying on iTunes. Over the past year, most music has been purchased on my iPhone while I am out. Can't do that with Amazon.

    You aren't the audience I was addressing though, naturally...

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  • iZoom P5
    Jul 24, 04:10 PM
    Engadget has a pic of it on their website:

    Jul 28, 08:08 AM
    Don't discount microsoft - they have money to lose for years in trying to get #1 for MP3 - slowly they creep up and overturn Apple - apple doesn't ahve the same stamina.

    A long term commitment, not a short term thing.

    Aside from trying to be funny, I was just pointing out that--for myself--I'd rather read about Mac rumors not MS rumors. I think the whole point of confirming Zune this early is just this, create spin. A consumer, music product that is years away from making any impact is now first page news on Macrumors...again.

    I understand its potential. I understand MS's deep pockets. I would just prefer to read about it on or :D


    Aug 18, 04:28 PM
    Yet that doesn't change the fact that the BSOD still exists in XP.

    Ive never experienced the BSOD in 5 years, which is remarkable given the problems i had with 95. Bought a Rev D ibook when they were released, had two kernal panics within first week. Was not impressed with the stability of Panther, Tiger seems somewhat better. Applications still seem to shut down without warning.

    steve knight
    Dec 30, 11:56 AM
    you gotta feel sorry for the poor abused toilet. I can imagine the reamed out plumbing.

    Oct 23, 01:56 PM

    (Me included)

    Big impact on buisness applications though.

    Buy him out boys!

    Feb 28, 04:43 PM
    It's happened before...

    And we reelected him. :mad:

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