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selena gomez

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  • Selena Gomez Recycles (Kind Of

  • iApples
    May 1, 11:11 PM
    Twitter is the best news organization.

    I agree. That's where I found out about it.

    To be honest, as much as it may be a good thing, I have a feeling something bad is going to happen.

    The only sad part is that it took the US this long to find him. Osama should of been dead 10 years ago.

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  • Selena Gomez Stunning in NYC

  • leog
    Apr 29, 03:14 PM
    Cool, I buy all my music from Amazon's mp3 store anyways!

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  • Selena Gomez

  • copykris
    Jan 30, 07:42 AM
    There is NOTHING wrong with grown men playing Pokemon...

    if you say so...

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 21, 01:10 PM
    You just leave the computers on 24/7 just folding. Not everyone does though. Also trying to fold more might influence your farm or purchases. Also trying beta programs is a way to compete. Also being on a team gives you more satisfaction than just your personal crunching.


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  • Selena Gomez

  • ThePowerOfTheMac
    Sep 17, 10:54 AM

    best album ever.

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  • Selena Gomez#39;s Address!

  • graphite13
    Nov 3, 02:28 PM
    For all those people who signed up for the beta.. I'm pretty sure this is a PRIVATE beta. VMware has said they'll do a public beta by the end of the year, and I'm pretty sure that'll be PUBLIC.

    Basically, I'm sure that they're just ramping up to get some features in for the public beta, but wanted to test functionality and what not with this private beta. They've still got 2 months or so to hold up to that statement ("by the end of the year")


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  • Selena Gomez Pictures, Images

  • AdeFowler
    Apr 15, 03:44 PM
    I like the new iCal :o

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  • Selena Gomez#39;s hairstyles.

  • Mexbearpig
    Sep 13, 08:50 PM
    Linkin Park A Thousand Suns

    Only one song kicks ass and it's called "Wretches And kings" It's going to be a hit in da clubs. I said it first! :D

    How are you guys getting this? It says Sept 14th for me and all I can do is pre order it.

    And what is the astronaut shirt? :confused:


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  • selena gomez crying in airport

  • Sounds Good
    Apr 21, 01:44 PM
    According to CNET, the new Air will be released around June with a Sandy Bridge ULV Core i5 2537M chip 1.4 GHz that can turbo to 2.3 GHz. So for .17 GHz upgrade we are sacrificing around 30% graphic power?
    Which would be better for video editing -- the current MBA or the upcoming Sandy Bridge MBA? (just family videos, nothing hardcore)

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  • selena gomez haircut 2010

  • barijazz
    Jan 25, 06:58 PM
    Apple just released its quarterly, and while it was higher than apple's expectations it did not meet analyst's expectations.


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  • Selena Gomez

  • jagolden
    Nov 3, 12:27 PM
    Fired up my copy of Knoppix 5 (don't ask). This thing is FAST. Makes Parallels look so slow, doesn't eat up as much memory. Issues so far is the 2-finger scrolling is off a little bit, and the trackpad right clicking is off a little bit. These are only preliminary results, I'll go more indepth later on. So take these results with a grain of salt, for now.

    Loaded up 2 Folding@Home clients up to really burn this baby in.

    QUESTION: Can you just use a 2-3 button mouse instead of the trackpad and avoid the hassle? I'd hate t go back to keyboard or trackpad usage for day-to-day.

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  • selena gomez face shape

  • Tower-Union
    Sep 18, 01:31 PM
    I used to fold with Macrumors a few years ago, as I remember it we had a pretty powerful team, seems now things are waning, and this board has cooled off. I suppose I'm guilty of leaving as well (jumped ship for Penny Arcade, great comic BTW), am I just glossing over old memories or have things actually slowed down?


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  • Selena Gomez Pictures Gallery

  • bcaslis
    Apr 21, 07:06 PM
    I don't buy it.

    Again, the link:

    So your link is to an article where the writer has no clue why it wasn't done? Not very useful. Again, I don't get why people don't get this. A backlight keyboard takes more room. Not a lot but some. The new MBAs are thinner with larger batteries than the first. Seems pretty reasonable it wouldn't fit. Note this is Apple, which do you think they would chose, thinner or a backlight keyboard?

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  • selena gomez quotes

  • scottnj1966
    Sep 30, 05:27 AM
    I really think AT&T cannot make it better.
    MMS is not looking that good either. I know many that still cannot use it.
    Dropped calls all the time. The alien voice syndrom was always funny, but not anymore.

    They are over their heads. Too much to handle.

    The only thing that they can do is let apple out of the agreement so other carriers can take some of the load off their hands.

    I will stay with AT&T since most everyone I know uses it, but it would be nice to let everyone that came to AT&T to be able to go back to the carrier of their choice.

    I also think AT&T should lower the monthly charges. They were suppose to use the extra to upgrade. That didnt happen. Now they are scrambling.


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  • Selena Gomez

  • 63dot
    Mar 2, 11:01 AM
    Well, his kids have been taken out of his custody. Wonder what's next?

    That's a trip, and it's so sad. However, I think it's best for the kids. With experts seeming to rule out mental illness (which probably doesn't just come on), there seems to be a very strong appearance that he's on drugs.

    The thing is I don't know how he allegedly passed a drug test. The guy rants and raves like either a very late stage alcoholic and/or a person on hard drugs. He has openly admitted to lots of drinking and drug use so it's not a stretch to think he's still using and it's a good reason to take the kids away. But more than feeling sorry for him, I really feel sorry for all those who he had hurt.

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  • Selena Gomez amp; Nick Jonas

  • rdlink
    May 4, 04:45 AM
    OMG....I would NEVER take information as fact from an "ATT customer service agent". I have received so much wrong info or even been dare I say lied to, I would never trust what a random ATT rep said.

    Not to mention, the service reps are so far down the chain of command, they would not have info on when the next iphone is being released.

    Exactly. An AT&T rep could tell me the sun is shining and I would have to verify for myself. They are masters of:

    A. Not knowing what the ****** they're talking about.

    B. Making something up to get you off the phone.

    One of the many reasons I will never again give AT&T a dime of my money.


    selena gomez. selena gomez unicef ambassador
  • selena gomez unicef ambassador

  • Hntjohns
    Dec 1, 05:57 PM
    This Years list:
    1) Tv 2
    2)  Magic Trackpad
    3) TwelveSouth BookArc stand for Ipad (to match my Macbook Pro version)
    4)  Airport Extreme
    5) Incase Backpack
    6) The still not released Airplay-equipped iHome
    7) 27"  Cinema Display (probably a gift to myself)

    Here's to wishing...

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  • Selena Gomez X Rayed

  • kiljoy616
    Apr 28, 09:56 PM
    Ok, so maybe now we know how they fixed the bleeding problem with the light, make it thicker added more layers to to make sure they don't have the light problem.

    Either way you either like it or not, I will stick with black :)

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  • selena gomez picture by

  • pudrums
    Sep 14, 05:25 AM
    Real Racing HD

    Jul 11, 03:02 PM
    [The Microsoft music player could be a huge success if Microsoft wants it to be. MS could offer them at such a low price they they would sell fast. Of course MS would loose a pile of money on each unit but why would they care if the goal is to run the competition out of bussenis. A $50 player with 10 GB of space would pretty much kill the iPod.

    Mar 31, 03:33 PM
    To be fair, the brushed metal interface first debuted in 1999 with Quicktime 4.0. Compared to the horrendous user interfaces of the time period, that looks amazing. It is sad though that it took them until leopard to get rid of it...

    It's not the brush metal that was bad. It was the Volume Dial on the left side to appear like a dial on a device. To change the volume was difficult.

    Apr 26, 01:57 AM
    LOL. love all these posts.

    Can I start a post thats about how Im anxiously awaiting the END of all these "when is the new iMac coming out" threads?

    I really really want to get onto the next set of never ending threads that will go something like this:

    "should I get the 21" X.XX Ghz i5 or the 27" X.XX Ghz i3?"

    And then everyone will get to ask "what are you going to do with it?"
    and then all of the "I love the large 27" screen" and of course "I had to return the 27" screen it was too big!" And the "more cores is better" or the silly goofball with the "I think a larger Ghz number means its faster".

    and then we can move on to all of the "Is 4 gigs of ram enough or should I get more?" threads

    Oh, and lets not forget all of the "I wish it had a larger drive/better video/more SSD options/matte screen/full sized bluetooth keyboard/USB 3/eSATA/24" option!!" posts. Those are my favorite. Wishing, LOL. You get what you get and you dont throw a fit?

    please lets move on...

    Do you think that my post was okay?

    What about a screen bigger than 21.5" but less than 27"?

    cloud 9
    Aug 17, 10:33 AM
    Don't forget this is a preview. I don't think we're seeing the full picture yet.

    it's true i know :-)

    the complicater a os becomes the harder it is to create a descent consistent ui, so i'm really curious :)

    Apr 17, 07:07 PM
    Idk how the CPU would be considerably faster than a 2.13 GHz core2duo.
    The only bright side to this upgrade is the fact that battery might last extra :30 -1:00 hour.

    Does this mean we might see thunderbolt in the new MBA? (which i dont even care)
    If the CPU processing is really that faster than the 2.13 I would like to know since I ordered an MBA yesterday :P

    Clock speed isn't everything. The sandy bridge i5 should be considerably faster. With that said, buying a MBA to do intensive things with is questionable to begin with.

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