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  • archer75
    Apr 25, 04:19 PM
    I don't understand why is the article saying Apple delaying orders when the Apple Online Store says ships in 24 hrs not 1-3 weeks

    Because if you order one now you'll get an email back saying there was an unexpected delay. Inventory is drying up at best buy and amazon. Other threads here on the macrumor forums show that supplies are shrinking all over the world and distributors have no stock.

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  • wmmk
    Aug 15, 01:23 PM
    The images will return shortly. I overloaded the guides server with that.

    some images are up, but others are not. hmmmmm.........

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  • spillproof
    Sep 30, 01:10 AM
    I never knew people were experiencing this many dropped calls. I guess I don't make calls enough to experience all the fail. AT&T is the only phone company I've had, so I don't know any different. If Verizon did get the iPhone, I'm sure their network would struggle a bit too.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 25, 10:08 AM
    oh, I forgot to mention one good thing about this mouse. Presumably it will work correctly with the option "allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer." 3rd party mice wake the computer up over and over ever since 10.4.6 when that option is checked. Of course, it would be nicer if apple would just fix their stupid OS version so that all BT mice worked correctly and not just their own... :rolleyes:


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  • ValSalva
    Apr 26, 12:09 PM
    $20 a year seems pretty reasonable.

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  • kainjow
    Nov 3, 11:40 AM
    Parallels just posted an update on their blog about USB 2 and 3D graphics:

    Can you give us an update on USB 2.0 and 3D graphics?

    We're still working on both and are still planning on including these in our next version of Parallels Worktation and Parallels Desktop. Beta launch for these products are still slated for around the turn of the year.

    w00t for competition :D


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  • MacProCpo
    Nov 24, 07:17 AM
    glad to have you! like SciFrog said, get a passkey and run the bigadv units on that mac pro!

    I've got my passkey! Now I have a couple of my machines working on units. I have a small Linux Render farm that I'll put online here shortly.

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  • MacSlut
    May 4, 02:41 PM
    Care to elaborate? I realize I haven't had my coffee yet but makes sense on this end.

    Never been suspended for non-payment.
    Dropped a $10/month third line from plan ~ 6 months ago.

    Although, now that I'm waking up more, I did lower my rate plan as well a few months ago. The 2 of us weren't using 1400 minutes anymore, so we went down to 550. This must be the cause of it.

    "we went down to 550" <---THIS

    You went down to 550 and expected an early upgrade?

    Also, you don't need to be suspended for non-payment, if the payment is late at all they'll consider it for the early upgrade date.

    As I mentioned in an earlier comment, my early upgrade is still set for 6/25/2011, and I bought the iPhone 4 on launch day 6/24/2011.

    Read through this thread. Look at other sites that picked this up. Look at what you did.

    Think next time.


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  • angelneo
    Jul 24, 09:33 PM
    I think this will even allow apple to be more versatile in their UI design. Imagine if the ipod interface now is on LCD, with clickwheels, buttons controlled by programming logic internally. For the first time users or non-savvy users, apple can tweak the interface to be even much more simpler, for heavy users, they can customise their own interface. The interface can even react to the users action, guiding them to the right button if it detected that the users are having problems. None of these will be tied down to the hardware design, giving it more room to fit into any particular users' competency level.

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  • kresh
    Oct 23, 12:39 PM
    Boot Camp is not virtualization, by any definition. (And no, there's no way Microsoft or anyone else could argue that it is.)

    What if Microsoft claims that the Mac firmware (which is software on a chip) is EFI and Apple is emulating BIOS and thus Windows is running in an emulated environment.

    Don't underestimate the power of the Darkside!

    edit: Unless with Vista the Mac can use the native EFI, uhm... Maybe the Darkside is not all that :)


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  • Atheistpaladin
    Apr 21, 11:09 PM
    Really? How come I never saw anything like the iPhone GUI before 2007.

    Or are you suggesting Apple invented the smart phone :D

    There's only so much one can do with smart phone styling.

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  • Hattig
    Mar 31, 11:44 AM
    way to go prioritizing cartoony graphics to chew up my valuable screen real estate instead of giving me something useful like a to-do list.

    Oh Apple Mail has a To Do list. And Notes. But the Calendar is a separate app, as is the Address Book. So why not also have a separate To Do and Notes application? Oh, because they're stored as special formatted email messages in, that's why. So how about integrating Calendar and Address Book better in Mail. It's a mess.


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  • ChazUK
    Apr 29, 02:55 PM
    Consumers win.

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  • Matt-M
    Apr 28, 05:08 PM
    Maybe we should just grab a couple of iphones for...ahem....testing purposes! :)

    I have high-precision digital calipers, but only a black phone.

    The only reason I found this interesting is the why. If the white phone is thicker, why is it thicker? Different camera vendor (since that's the thickest internal component)? Insulation on the antenna? Different battery? Thicker paint coating to prevent light leaks?

    I couldn't care less about the fact that it might be thicker, only the reason. Alas, I don't think it is. Maybe only enough for the paint explanation.


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  • bondsbw
    Sep 30, 10:03 AM
    Um.... I am pretty sure that Apple gets a higher subsidy from having an exclusive carrier agreement, lowering the cost to their customers, yet still keeping margins on the device high.

    Someone to correct me if I am wrong.

    So you're saying that AT&T gives Apple money...but that does nothing for Apple's business?

    :rolleyes: Wow, both of you missed it entirely. My point is the same as yours.

    The poster I replied to suggested that Apple could have split their contract so that both AT&T and Verizon would have the iPhone (meaning better overall service today). But in the end, that would mean less profit for Apple.

    I was explaining that Apple would not have made an exclusive agreement had there been no extra money involved. That's my point.

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  • PghLondon
    Apr 28, 11:26 AM
    This is fun.
    Yes, the iPhone does compete against Android. The last time I went into a AT&T or Verizon store, this was obvious. To say that the iPhone does not compete against Android is silly.

    WRONG. iPhone = hardware. Android = software.
    iOS competes against Android.

    Because there is only two hardware choices, the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. Making this argument is so empty, in that it does not take into account the reasons behind it.

    WRONG. The choice is iPhone OR any Android phone OR any Win7 Phone OR any RIM phone, etc.

    Hello Mr. Straw man. The article was about iPhone; if you read it it states "covering U.S. mobile phone sales". Now, if by mobile OS, you are also adding in the iPad, that is debatable. I've been a iPad 3G owner since April 30th and I can tell you that I do not consider the iPad a mobile device. Sure, its easy to carry, but to lump in its sales with phone handset sales is a stretch. If you are making that stretch, how about adding netbooks into the mix as well?

    If those netbooks ran Android, I'd count them. But they don't. And YOU'RE bringing up straw men? Phone versus non-phone makes no difference if they're running the same OS and same apps.

    When your sales numbers for phones are ~50% of that of your competitor; whereas a few years ago they were barely a blip, then yes that means they are getting kicked in the teeth in handset OS sales.

    In your mind maybe. But only in your mind.

    PS: Handset OS sales? What the hell does that mean?


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  • solafide
    Apr 29, 03:19 PM
    Gain market share for Amazon. Like last year when they sold MP3 albums at a loss.

    Apple has proven that market share does not = profitability. I think Apple's focus is right.

    I don't see how market share helps Amazon, in this case, if they are losing money on it and have no off-setting profit generated by the loss.

    Also, I wonder when this comes into effect. I was just at the Amazon store and most the music I looked at was at $1.29 or $.99 a song - I only saw one $.69 song. Of course, my tastes don't trend toward a lot of pop.

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  • l.w41sh
    Apr 28, 09:40 PM
    So does this mean I can't replace the back of my black iPhone 4 with white glass?

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  • samcraig
    Apr 29, 04:44 PM
    Anyone arguing against this is an idiot.

    First people complain about not having choices or prices being too high. Now there are more options and pricing is lower.

    Wow. Just wow.

    Well those addicted to Apple can still pay more for their songs. Enjoy. I won't stop you. Just like those that want to pay more for ebooks.

    Personally - I'll shop it around and pay the best price whoever is selling it.

    Apr 1, 12:46 AM
    I LOVE the new design. And this is also why I love Apple. They don't listen to all of the whiners who hate change like some companies do. They let their designer and engineers do what they do best. If Apple listened to all of the complainers here over the years, we'd have Windows, on a Dell PC, with a Palm Treo in a holster on our belt.

    Personally I like the iPad iCal design better than in OSX and I'm looking forward to this in Lion.

    Jul 25, 12:19 AM
    Apple could make a ton of cash "this simple connector - only available from Apple - ... very 2001:)

    Apple making tons of cash on simplicity and ease of use???
    Unheard of !

    This is a wonderful vision of the future ( that leads to robots wiping us all out ).

    Mar 30, 09:07 AM
    WWDC has always been a software conference, the hardware you see on the 1st day are for the consumers (and fanboys), the remaining days are always software focused ... Thats why its from 6th-10th :rolleyes: ... don't get it twisted, not every developer desires the new releases of hardware at every wwdc.

    Apple is at the core a software company.

    Yea ok. The new iPhone is the highlight EVERY year, and will be again this year. Fanboy my ass, it's the highlight of the event, everyone knows it, and if wwdc comes and goes without even of mention of new iPhone hardware, APPL is going to take a dive.

    Apr 22, 02:29 PM
    Apple is using the same CPUs as everyone else, for which their enclosures are extremely competitive in terms of dimensions.

    You get it partly wrong. It's true that Apple is not using special chips. They use some of the chips that all other companies use. But they do not use many of the chips the users would want to have. The reasoning might differ - whether it's the case or the motherboard, but the end result is the same - limited choices. Like no quad core CPUs in laptops before SandyBridge was released (wrong TDP), or sticking with outdated C2P for years.

    Apr 25, 03:58 PM
    MBP = 4 years old
    iMac = 3 years old

    And both will be upgraded to Lion. No problems yet , even 1080p content plays well, slight lag to catch up when RWD or FF other than that no problems. :)

    mine completely chokes at 1080p unless im real lucky. Again 720p is usually okay, but if the processor is getting a workout, it can struggle.

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