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  • striker33
    Apr 22, 09:18 AM
    The main reason I bought the current MBA in January was for the C2D/Nvidia combo and I love it. It handles everything I throw at it including gaming on the LAN with my son. My fear is that the next MBAs will be graphically crippled compared to the current models. But time will tell. :)

    Also, my current MBA runs silent and cool. Seeing all the current heat issues with MBs and MBPs running Sandy Bridge it will be interesting to see how cool or silent the SB MBAs run.

    Thats probably because the new MBPs completely obliterate the MBA in terms of specs. Run a photoshop render, any render you like, on both machines, you'll see a HUGE difference. The are quiet up till around 70c, which only happens when gaming or doing anything CPU intensive, the same as the MBA.

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  • bella92108
    Jun 6, 07:53 PM
    As usual American's (yeah I'm American) love to blame someone for their own responsibility. It's so weird how people on here fight for freedom from the lockdowns that Apple puts on it's developers, freedoms from the limitations and restrictions Apple puts on the iPhone (hence why people jailbreak). Yet when a parent doesn't take accountability for their absence of judgement and legal obligation to be responsible for their child, everyone goes off on Apple for not having the protections in place to prevent this?

    There are so many hypocrites in this country, probably because nobody wants to take accountability for their own actions. What if it were a gun. If the parent left it on the night stand with a bullet in it, and the kid picked it up and shot & killed someone, would you all be blaming the maker of the gun? No, you'd be going after the parents for failure to supervise their kid which led to actions causing someone's death.

    So why is it different here?

    IT'S NOT.

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  • Event Date: Sat., May 21, 2011

  • Mobius 1
    May 3, 09:06 AM
    how do i reclaim the normal clocked speed of the CPU and GPU?

    u know apple underclock and things like that

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  • aswitcher
    Jul 25, 04:57 AM
    No touch...mmmm...means I can use my tounge to change tunes when I have my hands full ;)


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  • Mherm88
    May 3, 08:21 AM
    Hopefully the ifixit teardown will reveal if there is a 2nd bay accessible for manually adding an SSD if I choose the 1TB option, I want to just put a 128GB or even a 64GB SSD just for applications and the system and store music/movies/photos/docs on the 1TB. I have my windows desktop setup this way with a 64GB and it is wonderful, I don't want to pay $600 to get a 256GB SSD plus 1TB.

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  • franky303
    Mar 31, 01:39 PM
    they should have better added a week view for iphone's ical ...


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  • Darth.Titan
    Dec 30, 12:01 AM
    Seriously, no one is questioning this? I don't care how big this woman is, no one can eat 90 pounds of food plus 2 hams and 5 loaves of bread.

    I'm with you. If they took all the food they claim she ate in one sitting and piled it up, the pile would be bigger than her.

    I don't care how fat you are, that's more volume than a human can consume. She would've either vomited or exploded.

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  • the 2011 Preakness infield

  • dscuber9000
    May 1, 10:41 PM
    Looking forward to the movie version. ;)

    Obama sure made it sound badass. :p


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  • xUKHCx
    Aug 20, 06:22 AM
    do you need to have a zillion gigabites free to use time machine in a decent way?

    for example, if you have a 1 gigabite film, and u delete it 'putting it in the trash, and empty trash', it's still going to be on your hard drive, taking up space, right? and will it also save your cookies, bookmarks, deleted programs,

    i rarely delete stuff by i hope this can be turned off, and won't interrupt much of my normal workflow, the way things are deleted now.

    You can turn Time-Machine off

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  • shawnce
    Nov 4, 02:58 PM
    Do you have any certain settings set? Because I have a 2.16 MBP with 2GB of memory and it takes like 40 seconds to suspend and resume. I'm not getting anywhere near the few seconds you guys are talking about.

    How big is the memory configured for the VM you are suspending?


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  • mtkagan
    Mar 11, 01:59 PM
    Went to the fashion island location. About40-50 in line right now.

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  • Nehro at the Preakness.

  • irishv
    Apr 26, 05:08 PM
    as do i. right now you cannot use a custom domain name on mobileme email. thats why i use Google Apps, which offers this MX record functionality for free.

    You can use your own domain, but you can't host anything requiring server-side scripting (wordpress, mediawiki, etc). Unless that has changed in the past year (which would be welcome news).


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  • tristangage
    Apr 1, 02:14 AM (
    fountains. ( by tristangage (, on Flickr

    Camera Canon EOS 500D
    Exposure 1/4000 sec
    Aperture f/4.5
    Focal Length 25 mm
    ISO Speed 800

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  • robbieduncan
    Oct 24, 09:10 AM
    Finally, still confused as to why there is no 7200RPM drive option for the 15".

    I wanna order with a glossy screen but i'm scared i wont be able to return this if it has probless. Isnt glossy screen a BTO option?

    ANY change from the default spec is BTO (or CTO). The tech specs pages says:

    "15.4-inch (diagonal) TFT display, support for millions of colors; optional glossy widescreen display"

    Sounds like glossy is BTO to me.


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  • firestarter
    Apr 17, 07:36 PM
    Thunderbolt would be a killer feature for this machine - and would open up a whole load of expansion options.

    Sonnet are marketing a load of interesting accessories, from Gigabit ethernet and FW800 adapters, to RAID arrays, to full-size PCIe expansion card housings, all of which can connect via Thunderbolt.

    Those CPUs are pretty fast. For everyone except gamers it should be a nice machine.

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  • 2011 Preakness Stakes Entries?

  • Gosh
    Oct 23, 03:23 PM
    I have a legit version of XP running in Parallels whilst I make the compete switch and then - why the hell would I but Vista anyway?

    Ow yeah for the gadgets - of course - silly me!:rolleyes:


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  • PghLondon
    Apr 28, 12:06 PM
    Question should be, why does it matter how many android devices there are? There is still a one to one relationship, one customer buys-one device. Its android smartphones vs Apple Smartphones.

    No. No. No.

    Comparing Android vs. iOS : fine

    But why the arbitrary distinction of "phones". It's an OS that can be run on multiple devices. Do you compare Mac laptop share vs. Windows laptop share? (In any meaningful context, that is)?

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  • Kardashian
    Jul 25, 08:25 AM
    Not sure if this has been posted, but do you think it will come in Black, for the MB users? (and possible iMac users)

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 29, 02:55 PM
    Apple pays 70% straight to the record companies, which would be $0.90. If Amazon pays the same, then they have $0.21 loss before they even start. Or Amazon gets different prices than Apple, which would need some explaining.

    Apr 28, 09:34 PM
    Got one for my wife today. It's pretty sexy looking in don't do it justice. I think it looks way nicer than the white iPad 2. Anyways, it definitely is SLIGHTLY thicker than my black iPhone 4.

    EDIT: "it" meaning the white iPhone...not my wife. Even though she's sexy too.

    Mar 15, 01:03 AM
    Yay sold the iPad tonight! So officially buying one tomorrow.

    I'm going to try to go to Brea around 8:30. You think that is early enough?

    Also, Brea my best bet or other stores have less people/more inventory?

    Mar 31, 10:53 AM
    So how about a to-do list, hey Apple?

    Nov 15, 04:10 PM
    Very nice watch.

    Heh, and people are flipping out over a $250 Burberry shirt.
    OH MY GOD!!! :eek::eek::eek: That's ridiculous!

    Oct 18, 05:13 PM
    I'm thinking the same thing. Can anyone find the appropriate quote from, say, last year's MWSF? I know i've been waiting since then for the exciting new products he promised: intel conversions don't count, nor do new casings and better batteries for iPods. The MacBook counts as a new product and the sales achieved by it could put it into the exciting category. iTV may fit but it's not coming out til next year. So what did Steve promise for 06? And what fits that bill?

    We'll lets see, we're looking at significant performance upgrades for the same $$$ as well as a successful transition [lets give Apple credit where credit it due]. Apple may have added about a million new Mac users this quarter [that is a significant number]. I have friends who would NEVER has considered Macs in the past coming to me for advice on their next purchase.

    The iTV, and especially the iPhone could be breakout products. I am anxiously anticipating both.

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