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the earthquake in new zealand

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 08:39 AM
    What about MACBOOKS?!
    could be a few months.. January/Febuary.. Maybe Or earlier who knows.. maybe next week maybe tomorrow.. maybe I put to many maybes in this post..

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  • macUser2007
    Apr 22, 07:26 PM

    This makes the new iPhone similar to an entry-level Android.

    Apple needs to bump this to 4" or 4.1".

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  • oldwatery
    Oct 18, 04:34 PM
    Nice results especially as the street was forcasting around 50cents.

    �Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple�s history.�

    Oh yeh! I can't wait.:D

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  • WildCowboy
    Oct 18, 10:07 PM
    Apple has had a phenomenal run. They are doing this on all fronts. They have 2 Billion CASH! That is a big deal. It keeps the R&D funded.

    Actually they have over $6 billion in cash and another almost $4 billion in liquid, short term they really have $10 billion in cash, up from just over $8 billion a year ago.


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  • Nabooly
    Sep 14, 09:11 PM
    Jigsaw?? Is that you?! :eek:

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 28, 03:51 PM
    They look the same to me in the picture. The white one is tipped slightly so that you see the front face surface a little. I think this makes the difference in appearance.


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  • Lord Blackadder
    May 2, 02:17 AM
    It's a symbolic blow to Al Qaeda and a symbolic victory of sorts for the US.

    I'm not trying to downplay the event - this is a major incident, one numerous potential consequences, both positive and negative. On the one hand Obama will gain some political capital from this - and deservedly so, as he is commander-in-chief of the armed forces. It is, however, important to remember that the hunt for bin Laden predates his presidency. He can't be expected to take either full blame or credit for the "War on Terror", such as it is.

    I'm ultimately rather ambivalent about the affair. Killing a bad man neither undoes what he as done, nor justifies everything we've done over the last decade of pursuing him and his organization. Politicians and partisans will bicker and squabble over who gets the credit, but there really is less credit to go around than the media would have us believe. We'll all wake up tomorrow with the same problems we had before bin Laden died.

    Surely every thoughtful person has mixed feelings when reflecting on the events of the last ten years? Let's not get carried away.

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  • kirk26
    Apr 14, 02:44 PM
    I'm noticing a little quicker general UI navigation, but the third party apps still don't show their launch animation unless opened first, exited, and then launched again. Only once loaded into the memory can you go from app to home screen to app and see the full animation.

    Yet, oddly, Apple's stock apps are entirely unaffected.

    Don't know what you mean by launch animation. Be gentle.


    I opened Sirus, exited, opened FIFA 11, exited, went into Sirus again with no lag time. Is that what you are talking about?


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  • Cheerwino
    Apr 14, 07:44 AM
    Guys, which one should I get?

    I've been trying to score an iPad2 and now here comes the new ix.Mac.MarketingName, which sounds awesome! So between this and iPad2, ATV2, Air, MBP, iPhone, Mac Pro, Nano and iMac, what should I get?

    Mostly I would use this for web surfing and light photo editing, but it also needs to dry laundry and serve as daily transportation for my 8 mile commute. But, I'm worried the new ix.Mac.MarketingName requires Z-rated tires, which are quite expensive. I'm also curious whether, with the right apps, the ix.Mac.MarketingName can serve as a prophylactic or if it's better to have a dedicated device for that.

    So, whaddya think? What other ix.Mac.MarketingName rumors have you heard? :apple:

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  • dmr727
    Jan 30, 12:43 PM
    Jon Cryer has to be the most unhappy guy in the world right now.

    Poor Duckie. I hope he socked a bunch of money away.


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  • Yvan256
    Jul 28, 01:21 PM
    Unless MS starts wrapping DRM into your ripped collection. There is no advantage to buying an iPod over a Zune. Which is bad for MS because there is already tons millions if iPod users to sway.

    I heard that WMP did add DRM to CDs you ripped yourself. Don't know if it's true, though.

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  • rusty2192
    Apr 13, 08:47 PM
    I happened to notice that one of my bushes just got its flowers, so i figured I would play around with the tripod, cable release, and the landscape lighting. (

    ISO 100, 250mm, f/8, 10 sec


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  • leandroc76
    Mar 8, 04:18 PM
    His character on "Two & A Half Men" is based loosely on his life. He's been this way for the longest time. He's been through enough rehab to know what the alternatives are (the "healthy" lifestyle), and he obviously doesn't want that. He enjoys living as he does, so who can begrudge him that?

    I'd rather have a short, enjoyable and colourful life than a long, boring one. Cheers to Charlie, I say. Damn that guys pulls some nice chicks��

    We need an upvoting system like Reddit. Here's a +1 for you.

    Who the hell are we to judge?

    Who said we have to live til 105 years old?

    I have met crazier "normal" people who weren't even on drugs!

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  • beaner454
    Mar 31, 10:45 AM
    The answer here seems so obvious, how did Apple miss it?

    Bring over some of the nice eye candy features from the iPad, like animated calendar pages, but leave the clean professional look alone. I hate using Outlook for calendars and now iCal looks ridiculous and wastes more space than anyone could imagine...what's a man to do?


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  • spookywarrior
    Jun 6, 05:12 PM
    Sounds like a great way for any lawyer or law student with a kid to get a free $1000 app.

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  • bbplayer5
    Apr 22, 09:49 AM
    That's completely fine with me. LTE speeds aren't really LTE speeds anyway. Even Verizon which does have the fastest LTE falls short of at least 50% of the actual LTE speeds. It's all false advertising anyway :)

    I dont know of any wireless phone that could support real 4G speeds. Besides on a mobile device, do I really need more than 20mb down, 5 up? Thats already faster than my cable modem lol.


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  • ebow
    Aug 15, 02:50 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

    I don't. Well, if they would make most other apps follow the same look (pioneered by then I wouldn't mind it too much. The number of distinct interface styles is getting to be absurd. :rolleyes: Thank goodness for UNO (

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  • Bonsai1214
    May 2, 01:26 AM
    any politician that uses this to gain political capital shouldn't be allowed to run for reelection. as a nation we should be grateful that he is gone.

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  • skunk
    May 2, 02:53 AM
    Since when was burial at sea a Muslim tradition? :confused:

    I can hardly hear myself think for all the crowing around here.

    Oct 26, 08:42 PM
    Anyone know if their is any work being done to put the OpenCL foundation (introduced with Snow Leopard for the Mac world) to good use?

    Is anyone on top of the Grand Central and OpenCL scene able to chime in on this?

    Jan 30, 07:29 PM
    Thread hijack over -- AAPL stock is down just to create an opportunity for common folk to buy it.

    I bought recently at 140. Even though the stock has dropped even further, I'm not worried!
    I just wish the stock would split, so I could buy a lot more shares.

    It will rise again!

    On a side note, I was about to short Apple and Google a few months ago... should have listened to myself.

    May 1, 10:06 PM
    AMERICA, **** YEAH!

    Apr 23, 12:26 PM
    Those are companies people don't get attached to. Apple and other tech companies are a much more personal choice, generally. It probably also helps because those people are excited that Apple is making more money, allowing them to deliver more new and innovative products then would be possible with lower cash flow.

    I guess I must be old school, I'm a consumer and I think about my wallet before the corporations treasure chest. Apple isn't pumping most of the profits back int the company or paying it out to shareholders. It's sitting in the bank. Or maybe they have something unimaginably huge in mind and I guess that is a possibility.

    Jan 30, 07:08 AM
    I bought some Apple stock a few days ago. :D

    :p hopefully it will go up..

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