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jersey tattoos

jersey tattoos. New York/New Jersey
  • New York/New Jersey

  • jsw
    Feb 15, 01:05 PM
    I know who you mean, and that member I believe turned out to be another member in disguise who had already been banned for spamming! :eek:
    Sir_Giggles came back as 3Memos, or something like that.

    jersey tattoos. Felipe Alvarez with a soccer Jersey tattoo1
  • Felipe Alvarez with a soccer Jersey tattoo1

  • DJRizzo
    Sep 27, 01:32 AM
    Virus protection? Useful perhaps, what with all the viruses on Macs now-a-days.

    I'm sure a lot (if not most) users of the .mac webmail interface are accessing it from a Windows PC. So yes, virus protection makes a lot of sense here.

    jersey tattoos. Studio: Starlight Tattoo
  • Studio: Starlight Tattoo

  • Dreadnought
    Feb 14, 03:50 PM
    Should pass you up in less than 12 hours now :D

    Yeah, tell me about it :(
    But on the other hand, I already passed a lot of people in the meantime. To bad I can't use any of the Dell's at work, then I could have given you a run for your money. They new ones are all i7's at 2,93 GHZ with a good GPU, 8 GB of ram and SSD's. So, CPU and GPU folding possible. But we need the processing power ourselves as we're a big architectural firm and need to keep the power usage as low as we can as we're already maxed (old building and the city just can't provide us with more power).:(

    jersey tattoos. Jersey Devil Tattoo.
  • Jersey Devil Tattoo.

  • fimtisher
    Apr 7, 03:19 PM
    Would love to see a bluetooth joystick. Classic. Not looking forward to the palm blisters, though.


    jersey tattoos. my new jersey tattoo is a
  • my new jersey tattoo is a

  • jrko
    Mar 28, 04:52 AM
    ...have moved from 'arctic silver' to 'mx-2' with great results. just as stable over time, seems to 'cure' faster, and i've found a several degree drop on lots of different of luck.

    Thanks for the input. can I ask, is the temp drop compared to Arctic Silver of the original paste?

    Thanks for the input guys

    jersey tattoos. I made them with jersey,
  • I made them with jersey,

  • unlinked
    Apr 6, 12:43 PM
    Well based on the news that Apple's new NC data center was the largest for a single company. I would say yes.

    Are Apple only going to have 1 data center? Google seem to have 30-40.
    Seems a bit silly to have a single point of success in this day and age.


    jersey tattoos. Felipe Alvarez with a soccer Jersey tattoo7
  • Felipe Alvarez with a soccer Jersey tattoo7

  • Philalbe
    Mar 20, 11:27 AM
    Most clients are going to want a quote, so that's what you need to give them. However, if a particular client is happy to pay by the hour, you can choose to do it that way too. Whichever way you do it, communication needs to be clear, so the client doesn't get a nasty shock at the end of the job.

    When doing a quote, you're really estimating the number of hours it's going to take you anyway. Estimating accurately is hard when you start, but like anything you get better at it the more you do. I actually created a program to help do estimates eventually, because I hated doing it so much, and it saves me a lot of time.

    Am I right in saying you've not worked for another design company before? That makes a lot of things hard for you I think, because in working for someone else you get to learn an awful lot that they won't have taught you at the school. Perhaps you're really set on sticking to the plan of going straight into business, but if it were me, I'd want to do at least a year in another design studio before going out on my own. You see how they do things and can adopt the good, and learn from the not-so-good.

    Anyway, whichever way you decide to go, I certainly wish you all the best. :)

    Hi. Thanks for the advice and kind words. I would actually love to work for a firm or design company. I would prefer the steady check and the opportunity to learn the ropes. I need to network more. I send out a lot of resumes but no real nibbles yet. I think networking and knocking on doors will probably get my farther than the approach I've been using :)

    jersey tattoos. Felipe Alvarez with a soccer Jersey tattoo6
  • Felipe Alvarez with a soccer Jersey tattoo6

  • peapody
    Dec 25, 06:23 PM
    If I'm not mistaken, those are Georgetown Cupcakes!

    Red Velvet... yumm

    On the money! Ordered from DC and shipped to San Jose, CA from the BF! Delicious!


    jersey tattoos. “My tattoo is of New Jersey,
  • “My tattoo is of New Jersey,

  • RipcordAFF
    Sep 9, 10:42 AM
    News is geektool, weather and calendar are from Amnesty and the wallpaper . . .honestly I cannot remember where the hell I got it!

    Question. How did you get your weather widget background to be transparent, but not the text (the symbols and temps)? When I adjust the transparency in Amnesty, the whole widget (not just the blue background) goes more transparent....

    jersey tattoos. Soccer Jersey Tattoo
  • Soccer Jersey Tattoo

  • aduttonater
    Jan 8, 10:14 PM
    I got new socks this Xmas.


    jersey tattoos. see them Jersey tattoos!
  • see them Jersey tattoos!

  • edtorious
    Mar 8, 04:31 PM
    Forgive my ignorance :o but why wait till they sell the iPad 2 till 5 pm, why not start in the morning? Weird for me for I have never got in line for 5 pm launch, either midnight or morning launch I have done before but never on 5 pm launch.

    jersey tattoos. New Jersey tattoo
  • New Jersey tattoo

  • aswitcher
    Feb 13, 05:07 AM
    Congrats guys. Glad to see you in there Nermal representing the antipodes (spell?) :p


    jersey tattoos. from New Jersey closed on
  • from New Jersey closed on

  • rezenclowd3
    Apr 24, 04:16 PM
    ^^^ Seriously? However, Datsun did specifically model it with an American muscle flair, but properly done as they are small and lightweight.


    The 240z was made from 70-73. At 2300lbs, and 350 small block really is a drop in, with 300+hp its DAMN fun. I drove one not to long ago that was estimated at 450hp, which really was just nutty scary. Still, with a healthy stock motor, they are much fun.

    Stock they still look great, but not as tits when the front and rear racing bits are on:

    jersey tattoos. Mole tattoo
  • Mole tattoo

  • baryon
    Mar 25, 04:00 PM
    It needs offline maps. Without that, it's pointless on an iPod Touch, or any WiFi-only device. If I could save just one city at a time: say I'm going to London, and I will need a map of London all day, then I could save a given radius of a London map and it would be handy.

    What I do now is take screenshots of maps while I still have WiFi, but that's totally annoying to do.


    jersey tattoos. Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo
  • Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo

  • fowler.
    Feb 19, 01:55 PM
    and sold.

    jersey tattoos. Tattoo Flag Of New Jersey
  • Tattoo Flag Of New Jersey

  • 1macker1
    Apr 13, 07:24 AM
    Has firefox been released for Macs. Not in Beta form, but a offical release. Like for Windows.


    jersey tattoos. Sports fans getting a tattoo
  • Sports fans getting a tattoo

  • toolbox
    Dec 3, 08:18 PM
    Mine for this Month, Last one of the year!!

    jersey tattoos. David Martinek- New Jersey
  • David Martinek- New Jersey

  • LoganT
    Oct 11, 11:54 AM
    I think the sensitivity of the swipe gestures should be a little more sensitive. It works at first, then the next time I try to do it on the same Tweet it opens it instead of showing the extra stuff.

    jersey tattoos. tattoos Tattoos? Jersey
  • tattoos Tattoos? Jersey

  • gwuMACaddict
    Sep 27, 07:31 AM
    i know i've missed a big part of this convo (was away on business), but no, if i had a kid- i wouldn't let him

    Dec 17, 06:41 PM

    Apr 4, 02:05 PM
    Apple does allow opt-in, just not opt-out. So the problem lies with the FT.

    Not really.

    The terms with FT are that if you want to use their service you must provide them with the information. Then you can choose what you allow them to do with this information.

    If Apple does not want to allow FT to work that way they are effectively saying they don't want to do business with FT. And this is why FT is "holding out."

    Apple doesn't like the T&C's of FT.
    FT does not like the T&C's of Apple.

    So they are choosing not to do business with each other. Happens all the time.

    Apple users are the only ones that lose here.

    Apr 28, 09:16 AM
    Do you have the Gmail accounts setup as Pop or Imap? If it's Pop, try switching them to IMap.

    Aug 9, 10:44 AM
    mine: (

    Jun 29, 12:59 AM
    Screen is cracked, won't power up. Have a nice case and all accessories.

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