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  • mgguy
    May 2, 01:23 AM
    Oh yeah, the game is over. This will be seen as Obama doing what Bush could not, no matter what. Everyone at Fox News has to be crying in their beer right now.

    No. It's still the economy stupid.

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  • Legion93
    May 1, 10:28 PM
    What's going to happen with Pakistan relations? If he was in the capitol of Pakistan in a mansion, most likely the government knew.

    He was captured in the region/border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. No, the army and government is not contributing to any Taliban or insurgency attacks, just like the afghan army. They are supported by allied forces.

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  • Rowbear
    Apr 8, 08:52 PM

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  • seanpholman
    Mar 15, 06:16 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Well I got to see Mystikal and Hasan Daddy get theirs after my failed attempt at Irvine spectrum. I was the Asian guy with the buzz cut hair. Unfortunately I got to Fashion Island to late. Congrats to you two!

    Were you the guy I was talking to at the end of the FI line that was about to have a smoke?

    Anyone going back tomorrow? I think I am done chasing these things for a while, but who knows. Went to South Coast before lunch for ***** and giggles and was told there would be no more iPads today. Period.

    The guy told me that they never opened South Coast early. I told him that his counterpart told me yesterday to go to South Coast early. And he said, that they are normally open then, just for one-on-one and not any retail sales. And if they did get a shipment, they would sell them before they "opened". Wait, what?

    I just walked away confused and in disgust.

    I am just trying to give Apple my money, sheesh.



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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 12, 08:51 AM
    As a typical consumer, same as a prosumer, or pro -- speed. For example, backing up your iDevice, importing big megapixel photos and HD videos will be a whole lot quicker.

    It will also make connections easier as TB can handled video, audio, and data in the same cable.

    When is that going to happen?

    I am not against Thunderbolt; not at all. I would love to have that kind of features in my iMac and a new Macbook Air if possible.

    But when are we going to see those devices which take full advantage of Thunderbolt/LightPeak ports.
    For eg,

    - would it be possible to backup and sync full 64GB full iPad in 20s?
    At the moment, NO.
    - would it be possible to backup a whole TB of harddrive on an iMac in < 15 min?
    At the moment, NO.

    The question is:

    For a consumer/pro-sumer, is Thunderbolt redundant for now? Will it take another generation of macbook pro's to generate pro-consumer Tunderbolt supported products?

    Thanks for answering.

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  • clibinarius
    Apr 28, 12:59 PM
    So the iPhone went from being pummeled by Android to now just being badly beaten.

    That is Awesome.

    iOS for phones was being pummeled by Android. iPhone is kicking the heck out of every phone on the market individually.


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  • ohaithar
    Sep 13, 11:22 PM
    This shirt

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  • rorschach
    Apr 14, 03:30 PM
    Open a stock app, like Messages or Photos.

    Watch the animation, look at how the icons fly off to the edges of the screen and the app you pressed zooms forward from the centre of the screen and into full screen view. That, is the animation for launching an app.

    Now try it on, for example, Infinity Blade, Engadget, TUAW, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 3 (basically 99.9% of third party apps). Notice that when you press the app icon, it dulls as normal, but then the app immediately appears on screen. No home screen icons zooming off to the edges of the screen, no app you are loading zooming forward from the centre of the screen to fill the entire viewable area.

    Only once the app has been loaded, and is in the memory, can you open/close the app and get the animation as normal.

    No doubt you'll say you don't have that on your phone, but there you go.

    You're not alone. This happens for me too, including with this update. Even after a reboot. It didn't do it with any of the 4.0.x releases either. It started with 4.2 I think. Tap an app icon, freezes for a second, then the app appears with no animation. Or a very choppy animation.

    I've tried both rebooting and restoring (as a new phone). I had less than a gigabyte free so I tried freeing up some space thinking that might help and even with ~2GB free it still does it.


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  • hobbyrennfahrer
    Jan 31, 12:19 PM
    from here (

    i live in switzerland :cool:

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 24, 11:19 AM
    Apple will eventually support every network, and with that lock up the cell market for a generation. Excellent plan: Start with ATT, prefect the phone, roll out perfected versions slowly, get their data center up offering some free cloud-based system, streamlining the app stores, thereby slowly but surely eating the market share of other vendors.
    Prediction: In 5 years only a few will have a fleeting memory of what Android was. Like the Palm Pilot.

    I doubt it. If you don't have a US Centric view and look elsewhere, you'll see Android is gaining and passing the iPhone even in markets where both platforms are available on the same carriers. Here, Rogers sells a metric ton of Android devices, Bell pushes them out and Telus too. I see tons of Nexus One and HTC Desires around, tons of Motorola Milestones and even more Captivates.

    Yet all these people had a choice of getting an iPhone too. They opted for Android.

    So let's not get ahead of ourselves with all the Apple cheerleading and think a move to a new set of frequencies would mean world domination for Apple. It doesn't. But it does open up the option of the iPhone on carriers that support these, which is good for consumers (more carriers = more competition for plans).


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  • carve
    Nov 29, 05:09 PM
    This downhill longboard deck (Landyachtz Evo):

    Hello 50MPH+ :D

    Blah don't get an Evo, they suck all the fun out of downhill. Look into an Earthwing Belly Racer or a Comet VooDoo Doll

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  • benhollberg
    Apr 6, 10:28 AM
    Has anybody bought any tickets off eBay?


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  • Vercingetorix
    Apr 22, 12:48 AM
    Because when you think you are better than every one else, logic tends to go out the door.

    Have you seen the pictures in Nilay Patel's article about the suit ( They copied the look of the iPhone, exactly. Hell, they even copied some of the icons -- the Phone icon, the iTunes icon. Why would they make the phone icon a white handset angled up and to the right on a green background if they weren't deliberately trying to make it look like an iPhone?

    If you're Apple, you absolutely have to sue over this. Otherwise you're saying, okay, anybody who wants to can just make a clone that looks exactly like the iPhone. Anyone who owns a valuable brand has to defend it.

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  • spicyapple
    Dec 1, 07:35 PM
    On a feTw occaszzzions I have noticed that MY CAT HAS A TENDENCY to hacsssk my laptop when I12212111113e'm trying to fill out threadwww replies on 432222222222222222 macrum2ors3. I'm thinking apple might still be AT FAULTQ ON THIS QONE.
    LOL! Bad kitty! :)

    Welp, there is a trojan script you can run that'll wipe out your entire home directory, if you're not careful.

    luv ya bunches! xoxoxo


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  • Stridder44
    Aug 16, 12:25 AM
    i'm liking the new mail features :D

    i happen to like the ovalness and coloring :P

    Exactly, it just seems like that's where the new UI is going to go. Mail made the change, now Preview?? A random app like preview gets that same change? Im thinking it might be a sign of things to come..

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  • SMM
    Nov 3, 08:18 PM
    This is all very interesting and I can discern the excitement amongst you that have an immediate use for this technology. For me, I am looking forward to a full implementation of Wine, or similar product, which will eliminate the need to load the Windows OS before running Windows programs. I do believe this will truly set OSX free.

    Does anyone know if any of the emulators will allow MS Sql Server to run on an Xserve platform? What about Exchange or other backoffice applications?


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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 31, 08:32 AM
    I have to ask... :zipsupflamesuit: whats an iTouch? :rolleyes:

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  • Chris Blount
    May 3, 07:52 AM
    Still only 500GB hard drive on the low end. Ug! Hasn't apple realized it's 2011 and 1TB should now be the minimum?

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  • supafly1703
    Jul 28, 10:13 AM
    I wonder if they have appropriated another $4 BILLION to blow in an effort to overtake a market leader a la XBox...

    Dec 1, 10:55 PM some miracle :(

    Apr 28, 04:31 PM
    "A colleague of mine just picked up a 16 GB iPhone 4 in white. I was a bit surprised when I picked it up off his desk (I had my black 32 GB in my other hand at the same time) – it immediately felt thicker."

    LOL, that's absolutely ridiculous.

    Also, why is everyone feeling so sorry for the case Apple is screwing them over? It's not their responsibility to cater to the case makers.

    Aug 15, 04:12 PM
    I agree - I'm not a huge fan of the pie that's used in iWeb. Definitely prefer the blue filling up the URL bar...:(

    Apparently, the blue pie thing is an option. the blue url bar is still default.


    Apr 28, 11:00 AM
    It is an impressive market share to be commanded by a single product line, versus numerous hardware manufacturers running Android. No single Android product even comes close.

    louis Fashion
    Apr 22, 05:20 PM
    I don't see them enlarging the screen by a mere .2" it seems illogical to me. Plus the mock up really sucks lol surely Apple would come up with something much more appealing then this. My money is on the iPhone 5 to be nearly identical to the iPhone 4 except with better insides :)

    AGREE! This may be iPhone 6 or 7. Like other posts (above) I wonder how this would feel in the hand?

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