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leonardo dicaprio young photos. Leonardo DiCaprio, Los Angeles
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, Los Angeles

  • Schtumple
    Jun 7, 11:05 AM
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! My brother actually did this!!!!!!! This article is about my brother!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, he is 10 not 11

    Pics or it didn't happen...

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  • Legion93
    May 1, 10:45 PM
    Obama's speech was awesome

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  • Chase R
    Dec 4, 03:38 PM
    well, im only 17 and .223 is just to expensive for me to shoot...

    and I dont know why I like the sig so much, I was at gander mountain the other day, and was feeling out all of the other .22's and it just feels the best to me...

    it's going to be ether the sig, or the smith and wesson M&P 15-22. that is a nice gun also...

    The .223 is pretty cheap to shoot if you buy bulk ammo. You can get 500 rounds for less than $150.

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  • leonardo dicaprio young

  • Danindub
    Jun 6, 11:19 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    How do you request a refund? Who do you contact?

    iTunes > My account > Account history (find app you want to report) > Report a problem

    (or something similar anyways).

    Now that I think about it - it could be EU thing - AFAIK by law there has to be a way to get refund ...


    leonardo dicaprio young photos. Leonardo DiCaprio Photos
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Photos

  • ivan2002
    Apr 12, 01:47 PM
    Aren't we quickly getting to the point where it's all about the software?

    Ok, so we know iPhone 5 will get dual core A5....big deal. It'll be nice to have the extra power, but the iPhone 4 now is no slouch.

    Added RAM.....yeah, that would be nice....but not going to suddenly sell more phones because it has more RAM :p

    Display won't get any better resolution-wise. Doubt they'd go with a larger screen either.

    Better cameras....ok.....still, the iPhone 4 cameras are no slouch, and it's not like it will reach the quality of a nice DSLR with those tiny sensors.

    Better graphics processing.....sure.....but it's not like it has to drive a 9.7" screen like the iPad.

    I'd say Apple is smartly switching into software mode. Kick ass with iOS5, revamp notifications, make some much needed overhauls to the system, and optimize performance for todays devices (iPhone 4, iPad & iPad 2).

    Apple is going to stay ahead with software. That's the way Apple is and always has been.


    There is one big area that could use some serious improvement, and it's Apple's core competitive advantage: design!

    If they'd make it nicer to grip (without any "bumper" or case crutches to help smooth out those sharp edges) and more difficult to break (lose the glass back), it sure would be a lot more appealing than 4. Also: while I don't think higher resolution would be much of an improvement, a bigger screen might be. Finally: if they do keep the glass back, get the white thing done right already (and why not add other colors too - but this will only look good if the phone has the glass back, just like the front).

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  • Vertigo50
    May 4, 01:56 PM
    This "story" is hilarious. Only people who have never worked customer service would ever believe any part of this.




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  • roland.g
    Apr 13, 02:12 PM
    The one thing that Apple TV is missing an actual TV could incorporate in the bezel is a FaceTime/Skype Camera. There are TVs on the market, marketing Skype integration, albeit with ugly bar mounted top cameras instead of integrated ones, but that is what we need for home video chats with relatives.

    But really just add a FaceTime app to the Apple TV 2, and then either an integrated camera, or a micro-USB webcam using the Apple TV 2 USB port.

    leonardo dicaprio young photos. leonardo dicaprio young
  • leonardo dicaprio young

  • RMo
    Jun 6, 12:34 PM
    I had the same thing happen to me for a $5 app I didn't even want. They told me to turn on the shopping cart...I was on iPad and there is no shopping cart...but there should be one.

    With an iPad they told you to turn in the shopping cart? The shopping cart hasn't existed ( since iTunes 9: "Note: With iTunes 9.0 or later, only 1-click purchasing is available." They recommend the wish list instead, but that's much less convenient--and you have to do add things yourself rather than having them automatically go there instead of purchasing them.


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  • leonardo dicaprio young

  • louis Fashion
    Apr 26, 03:04 PM
    I'm sure Apple will be heartbroken that you won't be gobbling resources without paying.

    If it's worth anything, it's worth $20/year.

    I can gobble music on my iPod/iPad/iMacs all day long, thank you, as of today all my music files were present. AND if you need cloud service you are welcome to it. (without any bitching on my part)

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  • strausd
    May 3, 11:33 PM
    Disappointing, but expected. This actually brings up more questions than answers though:

    1) Is this a permanent move to a Fall Release of the iPhone?

    2) When, if ever, are they going to unite the CDMA and GSM iPhone releases (possibly in iPhone 5 with "World Chip")?

    3) Does this affect the timing of iOS's release, which has traditionally been released with the new iPhone and has been centered around the iPhone's hardware?

    4) The iPod touch has traditionally been released months after the iPhone. If the iPhone is released around Sept, will they release the iPod touch along with it?

    Meh, I don't have an upgrade for 1.5 years, so it doesn't matter to me. But still interesting.

    Also, would they be pushing it back for a possible 4G capable iPhone?

    And I would bet anything they will have white and black from day 1.


    leonardo dicaprio young photos. leonardo dicaprio young
  • leonardo dicaprio young

  • dubels
    Nov 1, 03:40 PM
    Tickets to watch these guys play at home:

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  • HasanDaddy
    Mar 15, 03:40 AM
    I gotta be up early anyways, so....

    ....gonna head over to Fashion Island at around 8 AM and survey things - if the line is not too bad, I'm gonna commit

    I've met some really cool people in the Apple 'lines' - honestly, waiting a few hours for an Apple product is always an experience

    Mystikal - if you're around, I'm the dark-complexioned guy wearing a maroon Ed Hardy sweatshirt and tan cowboy boots - holla at ya boy!


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  • Young Leo; leonardo dicaprio

  • Hunabku
    Jul 11, 07:42 PM
    If this ipod killer was coming out of MS central (software dev, etc) i wouldn't be concerned. However the team that is working on it (xbox) actually are decently creative.

    Also apparently ms has taken a hands off strategy to let the division develop its own creative culture/workflow. Let us remember what really drives the great products from apple - its the creative synergy of many in a culture of passionate people who truly enjoy making things together - a highly collaborative and insanely cool environment.

    Because the creative capacity of MS sucks they need to make up with it in cash and market strategy. At least they had the sense to give xbox team freedom from the predominantly borgish world of MS - multiple stupids. - sorry couldn't resist.

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  • A young Leonardo at his house

  • Mord
    Apr 24, 12:28 PM
    That is a dude not a girl.

    We disagree.

    Also, she admitted to being intoxicated at the time, this probably caused the more exaggerated nature. I've seen someone fitting while intoxicated at a night club, it was comparable.


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  • SchneiderMan
    Jan 29, 12:36 AM
    The uDAC-2 has both a DAC and an amp. "As a step beyond the successful uDAC, the uDAC-2 boasts a highly linear TOCOS volume control for improved channel tracking at low listening levels, in addition to 24bit/96kHz USB DAC and an improved headphone amp.

    It hasn't been delivered yet, I'll let you know how it sounds when it arrives. From what I got reading the reviews it should be a nice improvement. :)

    I'm currently testing one out :)

    leonardo dicaprio young photos. Leonardo Dicaprio Young
  • Leonardo Dicaprio Young

  • appleguy123
    Apr 28, 02:51 PM

    I want to own the strip club.

    And didn't you see how upset and disoriented I was by your death? I lost all track of time.

    The would be the best narrative EVER.
    MRVille is brothel, and 2 girls have stds.
    The seer is a health department screener.
    The hunter is a condom distributor.
    It might have to go to the PRSI, though.


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  • leonardo dicaprio young

  • Simgar988
    May 1, 11:32 PM
    I guess Osama Bin Ladin's iPhone tipped Pres. Obama off.

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  • Iconoclysm
    Apr 21, 11:42 PM

    That and Apples incredible profit is what makes them look so paranoid, petty, and stupid.

    Instead of acting like the world class company they could be, Apple comes across as fools.

    I must admit, I'm much happier being seen with my Galaxy S.

    When one is seen in this town (New York) with an iPhone they look at you like "oh, you're one of those snobs".

    Yet the irony is they're a dime a dozen here.

    Actually, the irony is that the people who are looking at you and judging you based on your phone are the snobs.

    Apple certainly doesn't come across as fools for protecting their designs. And if you know a little bit about how this works, you'd know that by not protecting it, they forfeit the right to protect it in the future if the same thing happens. Then again, that's for corporate lawyers to handle, it's not a marketing decision. And...being a public company, they have an obligation to their shareholders to not allow these kind of infringements. But yeah, I can see how this is easily percieved as bullying, or stupid, by people who can't see the forest through the trees such as yourself.

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  • AlmostJosh
    Dec 5, 08:48 PM
    A double industrial is all I want :)

    Sep 15, 07:49 PM
    I gave in ... :(

    iPad 16GB Wifi Only
    iPad Keyboard
    Incase iPad Travel Pack

    Apr 29, 12:20 AM
    My guess is the white one has to be thicker to alleviate the light leakage issue that was rumored/reported. Still sneaky of Apple to advertise it as the same thickness as the black one...

    Apr 22, 07:24 AM
    No chance for samsung. Their products are obviously copies. The icons even are crappy...

    Don't kid yourself, Apples just doing what Apple does best, whine and cry. Point fingers and sue. Then con the gullible into buying anything with an Apple logo.

    Apple is the worlds best marketing company. The only question is how long before it ends. History proves nothing stays on top forever.

    Apr 14, 04:18 PM
    The addition of gestures is certainly not the result of this update. I installed the update on an iPad and gestures weren't included. After configuring the iPad for development within Xcode, the gestures option appeared. It's still for developmental purposes only.

    Apr 26, 12:58 PM
    Theoretically, if all that 2 TB's of music was purchased from iTunes, then the files all already exist in the iTunes servers and it would cost them no additional storage space to stream them back to you. So it may well be possible.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the official announcements are. I reserve any judgment until then.

    chances are if someone has 2TB of music alone.....there is a problem there.

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