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maria schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger wife Maria
  • Schwarzenegger wife Maria

  • haddman
    Sep 30, 10:43 AM
    Yeah, I would estimate my dropped call rate is around 20-30% (Northern Virginia) sometimes higher depending on the day. They said they built a new tower near me, but ever since I got that message, my coverage has dropped at least one to two bars everywhere I go.

    Same here in Northern VA...this in addition to the 3.1 bugs is just maddening...enough to drive me to another carrier. Waiting on some Android phones to be released with VZW...Sprint has the the new HTC hero as well. Might be about the closest thing to an iPhone that won't drop my damn calls.

    maria schwarzenegger. Maria has decided to hit the
  • Maria has decided to hit the

  • Ugg
    Apr 27, 06:40 PM
    I couldn't watch all of it but it's absolutely appalling that nothing more was done. The employees could have kicked the girls out of the store and locked the doors. The fact that they didn't do anything at all to protect the girl bodes ill for McDonald's.

    What's even more disgusting are all the hate filled comments by Macrumors members.

    maria schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger And Maria
  • Schwarzenegger And Maria

  • joekun
    Apr 29, 02:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I think amazon should use a better compression format, but at nearly half the price the same song on iTunes, apple has a tough sell.

    maria schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger amp; Maria
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger amp; Maria

  • Popeye206
    Apr 13, 08:37 PM
    No brown?????


    maria schwarzenegger. Maria Shriver quot;Felt Ignored by
  • Maria Shriver quot;Felt Ignored by

  • Abstract
    Dec 29, 02:28 PM
    The program in the US Army (basic training) was designed to burn 5000 calories a day. Basically you were moving 16 hours a day. Just can think of doing 12k or 30k calories a day.

    Anyone know how many calories someone burns running a marathon?

    Michael Phelps consumes 13000 calories/day, but he's a world-class athlete, not a world-class cow.

    maria schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger and Maria
  • Schwarzenegger and Maria

  • Thomas Veil
    Feb 28, 08:23 PM
    Others have touched on this as well, but here's what Charlie said in one of his latest interviews (

    ...�I�m not angry, I�m passionate,� Sheen told Rossen. �It�s everybody thinks I should be begging for my job back, and I�m just going to forewarn them that it�s everybody else that�s going to be begging me for their job back.�...

    In the interview with Rossen, which was taped Sunday in Sheen�s Beverly Hills home, the actor accused Lorre of �trying to destroy my family.� He also again took aim at Alcoholics Anonymous, calling it a failed system developed by a �broken-down fool that was a plagiarist.� He claimed he has conquered his own drug and alcohol problems by the sheer force of his will: �I closed my eyes and made it so.�

    After checking himself out of rehab, Sheen set up his own home rehab facility called �Sober Valley Lodge,� from which the principles of A.A. had been banned. �I will not believe that if I do something then I have to follow a certain path, because it was written nice,� he said. �It was written for normal people, people that aren�t special. People that don�t have tiger blood, you know, Adonis DNA.�

    He dismissed the idea that he has anything in common with addicts and alcoholics, who he says lack his strength of character, describing them as �fools, trolls. Weak. Defeated. They allowed defeat to be an option. I will not.

    �I�m tired of pretending like I�m not special,� Sheen continued. �I�m tired of pretending like I�m not bitching, a total fricking rock star from Mars, and people can�t figure me out; they can�t process me. I don�t expect them to. You can�t process me with a normal brain.�..

    Sheen accused his producers, Lorre in particular, of trying to destroy him and his family by �trying to take all my money, and leave me with no means to support my family. It�s not rocket science, you know?�...

    Rather than apologizing, Sheen said it was he who was owed an apology, by CBS: �A big one. While licking my feet.�Okay, this is past the point where it's funny. This man has some very serious mental issues. He's starting to out-crazy Gadhafi -- and that's not easy.


    maria schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria

  • dscuber9000
    May 1, 11:13 PM
    Twitter is the best news organization.

    I first heard the news while randomly checking Facebook. And then the ESPN iPhone app alerted me. :p

    And then the CNN app did last. :D

    maria schwarzenegger. Maria Schwarzenegger
  • Maria Schwarzenegger

  • ariechel
    Jul 29, 11:35 AM
    My only fear: M$oft and the music companies are going to sign deals and this is what could hit Apple very bad... Major labels do not care where the music is bought... Apple... M$oft... the money goes into their pocket... So Apple need to have an idea to keep the Ipod owners their side.... The fact that Apple is proprietary is not a factor...

    I think the music companies are at least a little worried about Apple's dominance of the music download and mp3 player markets, particularly after Apple strongarmed them into continuing the single 99 cent price scheme under iTunes.

    It would not be unreasonable for them to provide preferential treatment to competitors in order to break the quasi-monopoly Apple has in this area and thus provide themselves with more leverage in price negotiations. Whether they will be willing to throw in their lot with MS, on the other hand, is somewhat questionable.


    maria schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger and
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and

  • Lurchdubious
    Feb 1, 03:27 PM

    Ditto. And the new maps are SWEET.

    maria schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger amp; Maria
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger amp; Maria

  • MacFever
    Apr 11, 01:33 PM
    cool.....I guess we can expect thunderbolt in MBA soon then.


    maria schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger i Maria
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger i Maria

  • leekohler
    May 1, 11:22 PM
    Obama definitely will be re-elected after this. Kiss your asses goodbye Republicans.

    maria schwarzenegger. Maria Shriver Actor and former
  • Maria Shriver Actor and former

  • MatLu
    Jun 7, 12:14 AM
    This is one of the reasons why I don't have any of my credit card associated with my iTunes account. I always just buy myself some iTunes credit and use that instead. So far I've never bought anything by accident on iTunes (but I did once buy a Kindle book on Amazon by accident (since Kindle books are automatically and always 1-Click purchases even if you disable that feature for everything else on Amazon). Lesson learned for this kid and mother. Luckily they were able to get a refund from Apple.


    maria schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger and Maria
  • Schwarzenegger and Maria

  • WildCowboy
    Oct 18, 10:07 PM
    Apple has had a phenomenal run. They are doing this on all fronts. They have 2 Billion CASH! That is a big deal. It keeps the R&D funded.

    Actually they have over $6 billion in cash and another almost $4 billion in liquid, short term they really have $10 billion in cash, up from just over $8 billion a year ago.

    maria schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife

  • Setok
    Apr 14, 09:03 AM
    So guys, I'm already queuing up for my ix.Mac.MarketingName. I think I'm the first! Tent and camping gear ready.


    maria schwarzenegger. Maria Shriver has decided to
  • Maria Shriver has decided to

  • tazinlwfl
    May 3, 07:36 AM
    This might be the time to buy a new iMac... finally :D

    Really impressed with the specs and price point on these. Can't wait to see all of the options.

    maria schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger kisses
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger kisses

  • daveschroeder
    Oct 23, 08:19 AM
    oh great. so those mac users who are possibly interested in actually getting a legitimate version now have to pay a lot...

    ...kinda puts one of getting a legitimate version...

    Did you read any of the thread so far?

    You can use Vista Home standalone in a virtualization environment legally.

    This is purely a misinterpretation of the EULA.


    maria schwarzenegger. arnold schwarzenegger maria
  • arnold schwarzenegger maria

  • dXTC
    Mar 10, 09:03 PM
    I have stayed out of this one for a while, but now he has gone from "sick" to "awesome" with this video on Funny or Die.

    I don't even know what to say...

    Honestly, me neither. I don't know whether to shake my head incredulously or LMAO. Did Charlie get paid for this?

    Say nothing.

    It's the only way to kill him.

    Won't happen. Chuck Norris can't even kill Charlie Sheen; the Adonis DNA-infused tiger blood is like Kryptonite to Norris.

    maria schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger and Maria
  • Schwarzenegger and Maria

  • mattnotis
    Apr 30, 12:46 AM
    Torrents are free! :D

    maria schwarzenegger. maria shriver and arnold
  • maria shriver and arnold

  • vidyashankara
    Apr 21, 11:45 PM
    yeah, apple are stupid....they havnt got a clue what they are doing have they... :rolleyes:

    ooo come on kiddo :) may be you should advice steve jobs on how to run a company... the guy has only turned apple from bankruptcy to one of the biggest and most admired companies in the world today. but he surely doesnt have a clue of what he is doing :)

    Apr 13, 03:14 PM
    If true, it could be absolutely huge. Truly landmark. Imagine if Apple could somehow do the the TV industry what they did to nearly every other industry (segment) they're in?

    The possibilities are pretty astounding. This is the Apple of folks. They have the money, drive, talent and momentum to get into any market and shake things up with a very good chance of success, and make the established players look totally flat-footed in the process.

    No this isn't a good idea. What would Apple do with your TV that would be so neat? They can't make the picture any better than the TV manufacturers that they would have to buy the panels from. So what improvement would they make? How is your TV currently hard to use? Apple TV gets their iOS on the set for $100, so their software is already there. You just Airplay off of your iPhone onto the wi-fi receiver and, boom, you have control of the TV.

    Also, look at Apple's recent successes. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad were not entries into mature markets. The iPhone was competing against smartphones and that isn't (and still isn't) a mature market. The iPod and iPad were of course still very new areas. TVs have been around for decades and I'm not even sure if you can say the switch to LCD screens was even that big an improvement from what we had 20 years ago. The profit has been squeezed out of this industry.

    May 3, 08:20 AM
    Well yes, that's how it would work (and how it works on the current 27" DisplayPort based iMac). But just because you can physically connect a cable doesn't mean it will work as an external display. The connectors were the same on the old 27" and 21.5", but only the larger display functioned as an external display.

    Apr 17, 08:12 PM
    Are you really going to carry all those? If you want to travel with the thing, just take what you need. I can see an Air + external 2.5inch RAID being a nice minimalist setup for video editing.

    This is a personal opinion but here: If i had to carry a 1.5 pound weighing 2.5 inch RAID, I rather buy a MBP 13. But again, this my personal opinion, and you are entitled to yours.

    Sounds like a good trade.

    1 USB port in a laptop? you must be kidding. a USB port for a TB port that is useless until perhaps 6-12 months?

    How does it effect movies? This new GPU is easily powerful enough to decode video. Do you watch all your movies on fast forward or something?
    And what are you using OpenGL for that needs that power? Most apps run fine without much acceleration.

    When we say "enough" and "runs fine" we are thinking of apps that require minimal standards. Man, when we are talking about at least quality games such as WoW, SC2, and MMO's, the difference between 320m and the Intel GPU is the difference between "playable and not playable"

    Is it huge, or is it only 30%?
    These are all just rumours anyway.

    50% in samsung 9 series. they use exactly the same processor.

    Oct 21, 06:02 AM
    Neither. Get a real chair:

    Really though, if you are looking for looks, get the Eames knock-off. If you want comfort and longevity, invest in a good chair.

    I do not have $879 to spend on a chair and if I did I would not. It's a chair! :D

    Apple OC
    May 1, 10:27 PM
    Are you sure it wasn't UK forces who eliminated him? Either way, you gotta say "he was killed by allied forces".

    President Obama will let us know soon ... it is being reported that it was an intelligence mission carried out by US forces

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