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sarah palin family photos

sarah palin family photos. YouTube - Sarah Palin Family
  • YouTube - Sarah Palin Family

  • antpod
    Apr 14, 09:35 AM
    I cannot believe people are still stupid enough to believe that they will come out with a white iPhone 4 (My personal two cents). It makes absolutely no sense for them unless they really did plan to postpone the release of the next generation iPhone.

    Just look at the mediatrends especially how much of the media was hyped on here with bestbuy stocking them up and all other major retailers all of a sudden having the white SKUs in their systems.

    Get real guys, if you want a white iphone from Apple. Mostlikely you will never get one hence why i gave up and bought a conversion lol

    Lol your going to look really stupid in a couple weeks. Why would you say this when there is so many reports with all the same information coming out? Especially when heads at Apple are saying it? These reports aren't from best buy employees. Those were obviously flakey. But when Bloomberg, Reuters, and Phil Schillerare saying the same thing what makes you think those are in the same league as best buy employees.

    Has apple even ever announced a major hardware product in the last 8 years and not released it?

    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin New Release
  • Sarah Palin New Release

  • LoganT
    Apr 26, 01:01 PM
    Depending on how useful the service is, one hundred dollars a year would probably be worth it.

    sarah palin family photos. and for the Palin family.
  • and for the Palin family.

  • Edge100
    Nov 3, 11:44 AM
    Multiprocessor support is way way cool. That could make me throw away my work machine and just keep working with my Mac Pro :-)

    Well... another thing that stops me from working with virtual machines is the lack of support for multi-monitor setups... I can't return to developing software with just one... so let's hope VMWare addresses this sometime, hopefully soon. I would really love to have my Mac with 3 monitors instead of my Pc with 2 and my mac with one... :-)

    Now I'm just waiting to get my invitation email... if it happens... :rolleyes:

    Agreed. Multiprocessor support is critical. I do audio production, and this would be a nice way of incorporating Windows-only software into my rig (for compatibility with others). But in Parallels, having access to only one core means my iMac is too slow to handle complex projects.

    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin Family | Amreek
  • Sarah Palin Family | Amreek

  • InuNacho
    May 1, 11:05 PM
    So on the way to work or school tomorrow be sure to count how many cars have American flags in the windows.


    sarah palin family photos. God Bless the Palin family and
  • God Bless the Palin family and

  • bdkennedy1
    Mar 31, 01:23 PM
    Reading through all of these negative comments, I really hope that someone at Apple is paying attention or this information is relayed to them. They really need to know how ugly this thing is.

    sarah palin family photos. Palin Family Circus News
  • Palin Family Circus News

  • bluebomberman
    Jul 10, 05:00 PM
    As for being harsh, it seems like every time a thread on subject gets started, someone says Pages is only really suitable for newsletters, and not for "serious" writing. I find that most of the people who say this haven't gotten much past the template selection window. They see all those newsletter and flier templates and assume that this all Pages is good for. They've probably never created a template of their own and so are missing one of Pages' most powerful features.

    Part of the problem is the way they market it. There was such an emphasis on templates and graphic-intensive stuff when it was first demoed in MacWorld 2005 that it's hard to think it can be a good word processor. My first thought was how it looked 100x better than Microsoft Publisher.

    Again, I think this latest rumor shows that Apple will address some of the perceptions (or misperceptions, depending on who you ask) by allowing people to dive into word processing mode and adding better search and research functions. It just might make me a convert.


    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin#39;s family on
  • Sarah Palin#39;s family on

  • Btrthnezr3
    Jan 31, 06:52 PM

    Turned sideways and with the slanted edge toward the back of my desk...

    Airport Extreme perched atop, ISP router and various cords hidden within.

    Yummie! I love cord-hiding goodness!

    sarah palin family photos. Obama and Sarah Palin but
  • Obama and Sarah Palin but

  • leekohler
    May 1, 11:31 PM
    I think Trump, Fox News and the Tea Partiers already completed that for them

    Well yeah- pretty much. :)


    sarah palin family photos. SARAH Palin is FURIOUS that
  • SARAH Palin is FURIOUS that

  • TonyC28
    Apr 13, 07:58 PM
    Ha...who cares anymore??

    sarah palin family photos. Sarah and her family are the
  • Sarah and her family are the

  • DavidLeblond
    Apr 15, 02:59 PM
    Uh-Oh! The Non-Disclosure Police are on patrol! Look out!

    :rolleyes: Whatever. I'm not NDA police. Pirate all you want. Just don't be pissed when people don't post the changelog RIGHTAWAYS.


    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin Renews Restraining
  • Sarah Palin Renews Restraining

  • baryon
    Apr 11, 01:23 PM
    Could someone clarify this for me: Aren't hard drives too slow to make use of Thunderbolt anyway? In a typical USB 2.0 external hard drive, what is the bottleneck in speed: The speed at which the hard drive spins, or the USB 2.0 connection? If it's the USB, then why do people even care about the RPM of a drive? If it's the RPM, then isn't USB 2.0 fast enough to run a hard drive at its native speed?

    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin#39;s family shows
  • Sarah Palin#39;s family shows

  • BRLawyer
    Oct 19, 03:17 AM
    With such astounding results, you may repeat after me:

    Dell is DEAD. HP is DEAD. Apple RULES!


    sarah palin family photos. Palin called Griffin a
  • Palin called Griffin a

  • chris1184
    May 2, 12:14 PM
    I am amazed as to why we have not seen a single "imac 2011 leak" ... pics of the new imac .. pics of the box ? etc like with the iphones lol .... i'm going to be seriously depressed if i go to tomorrow and still see that white iphone on there ... seriously

    ps - i just noticed i am no longer a macrumor newbie - I am a regular now .. woo hoo

    that is exactly what I am wondering...why are there no leaked pics of boxes etc! like with the MBP

    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin#39;s family,
  • Sarah Palin#39;s family,

  • Darkroom
    Jun 6, 09:14 AM
    sure. apple has no problem giving a refund, as they keep their 30% that the developer now has to pay. that's a cool $300 that apple just ripped off from the developer all to protect their mistake and their idiot customers.


    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin#39;s daughter was
  • Sarah Palin#39;s daughter was

  • ViViDboarder
    Jun 6, 07:04 AM
    Don't you have to hit download twice to actually buy it?

    Oh well... It's obvious it was a mistake. I'm glad they're getting a refund. Let's just hope that Apple doesn't screw the developer over on it (ie. take out their 30% cut and then expect the developer to foot the $1000 refund) like they did when they pulled GV Mobile from the App Store.

    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin Family
  • Sarah Palin Family

  • kppolich
    Jan 28, 01:23 PM
    perhaps this weekend :)


    sarah palin family photos. Sarah Palin liar
  • Sarah Palin liar

  • fcortese
    Apr 9, 02:17 PM
    So it finally stopped snowing this morning, skies overcast. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I got out and headed just a little north of town to a closed ended valley - elevation 6300 feet. There are a bunch of old abandoned farm houses scattered about. Here's one of them.

    5DII w/70-300 f4-5.6L IS USM
    EXIF: 100 ISO, f/9, 1/400s, 0 ev, 300mm

    sarah palin family photos. Palin Family taken 6 weeks
  • Palin Family taken 6 weeks

  • iStefmac
    Jan 30, 09:08 AM
    One word. Macworld.

    I sold half of my shares in the company the day before Macworld at an astounding price. I personally feel for whoever the buyer was, as they paid well over what my shares were worth that day (wrongly anticipating a spike after Macworld). I, however, have had a close eye on the rumors and Apple's business model as of late. I anticipated several elements that came to frutition, and now still having half of my Apple stock, I about broke even. Until Apple soars high again :). First really insightful stock market decision I've ever made.

    Buy now :-) Thats my $0.02

    sarah palin family photos. to the Palin family house.
  • to the Palin family house.

  • 3goldens
    Apr 28, 04:15 PM

    Who cares really?

    It's white! That's all I care about :)

    I'll tell you who care...

    case manufacturers that Apple is constantly screwing.

    It remains to be seen if this change will affect many but this constantly happens to these third party partners.

    That slight move of the volume button probably cost some of them a great deal in retooling expenses. Apple could have given them a heads up, but, oh god forbid anyone know what the great ones are up too.

    But hey what do you care, right?

    Were all very glad you like your new phone and hope you find a case that fits!;)

    Jul 24, 10:15 PM
    If this patent is anything close to reality, Apple may be prepping something much bigger than an iPod, something closer to a full-featured OS X tablet computer. You'll be running a full-featured version of iTunes, not just the simplified UI of the iPod:

    May 2, 01:11 AM
    I'm not sure stuffing a corpse with candy is very hygienic.
    Who said anything about candy?

    Seriously, though, we're going to treat him like Hector? Like he was some great hero worthy of our wrath and opprobrium?
    Not a hero, but obviously worth our wrath and opprobrium, given that we spent 10 years trying to find him.

    I disagree, we should wrap him in an army blanket and bury Bin Laden in an unmarked grave; the man's had enough celebrity already.
    In a flower print dress and petticoat hiked up to his waist with his bare ass facing Mecca, maybe. He was a crapsack who got his jollies from murdered innocents, and deserves to be humiliated.

    I like it! And after they're done Obama can piss on his corpse! :D

    Hmm..what's Pfc England and her cohorts up to these days?

    Apr 25, 02:59 AM
    How did they find out that she's a transgender? It's not like women's restrooms have urinals...

    Sometimes it's pretty easy to spot trans people. It can be difficult to convincingly look like the opposite sex.

    Apr 22, 04:59 PM
    Have to admit, I think that mock-up looks really ugly. Just my opinion.

    May 3, 08:07 AM
    50% higher price in Sweden than US. Even with VAT of 25% added to the US price they are still 23% more expensive.

    Swedish price from $1830.

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