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pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children

pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger Child
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Child

  • ryokun6
    Apr 16, 02:48 PM
    QuickTime videos won't play after the update.
    Anyone having the same issue?

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger Children
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

  • oldwatery
    Mar 31, 08:03 PM
    I find most of the comments puerile or insane--over reacting with disdain or glee--while the major concern should be the function. I still find iCal a little limited and annoyingly so in terms of notes attached to daily functions.

    Who gives a crap how it is decorated! Make the thing work better and it will work better, and that's what matters to real people who need real organization within their lives.

    Obviously loads of people do give a crap how it what are we chopped liver?
    Real people indeed...:p

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger 83.kpg
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 83.kpg

  • wmk461
    Jan 30, 04:09 PM
    I had an engineering friend that did exactly that in the early 1980s. He sold his house and all of his investments, and purchased gold. At the time it was trading right around $900/oz. Needless to say his expectation of the demise of the US Economy and upswing in gold value didn't pan out in the long term.

    I saw him at a party over the holidays this past year and asked if he was excited to finally be near the break-even point again. He was not amused.

    Gold goes up because of investor fears about market uncertainty and global uncertainty (and the bulk of global uncertainty is driven by US geopolitical actions). When the predicted global calamity doesn't happen, the price of gold declines again. Since we have been fortunate enough to be unable to test what happens after a global calamity, we can't be certain what will happen to the price of gold then. My guess is it will be worth slightly more than paper, and less than a loaf of bread.

    I understand what you are saying and it makes sense, and I am gambling my extra money on geopolitical actions. In the 1980's gold was selling for nearly 3000.00 of today dollars. Switzerland is reporting a shortage of gold and Russia has announced that they will be backing up their currency with gold. Bottom line is I don't mind taking a chance on my research, especially with the tensions in the middle east.

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathered
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathered

  • Ubuntu
    Apr 27, 05:09 AM
    Not a surprise, even amazon charges a small fee for a decent amount of storage.

    Yes, but it'll probably be the other way round here a - large fee for a poor amount of storage/quality of features.


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Schwarzenegger#39;s children
  • Schwarzenegger#39;s children

  • Mal
    Aug 19, 08:31 AM
    What is with all the pop up warning on safari. Warning you have tabs open do you want to quit? Warning, you have text if field do you want to quit? You know what? I don't press apple-q on accident, in fact I'd say you'd have to do that on purpose. All these pop-up and confirms, well I fear it's become more windows like if you will. Pretty soon no one will read the things. I sure hope you can turn the things off, or hope they change it.

    For those who remember, when apple had an early release or beta of OS X, they put the apple logo right in the middle of the top bar, not to mention it did nothing and was completely non functional. Glad they didn't go with that. I'm hoping they do away with these confirm buttons

    Can't an OS be simple to use anymore?

    You can turn off those confirmations if you like, but I for one will be very glad they're there. An accidental slip of the fingers has cost me a good bit of time in the past because I closed a web form I was working on. If Safari had caught that I was still filling it out and didn't necessarily want to close the page yet, it could have saved me a lot of trouble.


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s

  • bobber205
    Jul 12, 06:16 PM
    Ha ha... when I glanced at the RSS feed I thought it said "Page 3 Features?". I thought: "Why the heck would MacRumors add a 'Page 3'? Much of the 'Page 1' stuff never comes to pass, and they've got 'Page 2' for the even less substantiated stuff..."


    I thought the same thing. :p


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger claims; Arnold Schwarzenegger claims. cbnsoul. Mar 22, 02:01 PM
  • maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger claims; Arnold Schwarzenegger claims. cbnsoul. Mar 22, 02:01 PM

  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 30, 07:47 AM
    I guessing you been living under a rock.. Because my Truck CD Player plays AAC, PS3, Xbox360, PSP, DSi, 3DS, my wife and daughter's Android phone all play AAC.. The list can go on... Google is your friend....

    So because YOUR head unit plays AAC so that means he's living under a rock and has no point? :rolleyes:

    I bought a JVC head unit about two years ago that had front-panel USB and iPod support and despite not being listed with WMA and MP3 on the faceplate it supported AAC. But even so, it did not support VBR AAC from USB thumb drives or CDs (iPod stuff was just passed through, so it didn't count). Thus, if I used my 256kbps AAC without VBR (my entire CD library was already converted to that), everything would be fine, but if I used a stock purchased AAC track from the iTunes store (which is 256 VBR), it would NOT play (MP3 VBR was supported, though). How many head units support Apple Lossless right now? How many advertise AAC support even when they have it (my new WRX plays AAC from the factory, but they don't exactly advertise it).

    So while support has increased, especially since Apple finally ditched the DRM on music, there's no guarantee on every piece of equipment out there whereas MP3 is pretty much guaranteed to be everywhere and you can even buy used gear and it will still work.

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s

  • Glassman
    Aug 15, 02:15 PM
    Aww, no more blue filling up URL bar in Safari?
    I question the same, I liked that a lot, hope it's configurable :( and what about the classical popping sidebars? I don't like the way new Preview handles them inside the window and it seems like this is the way of future, how sad :( I'm not very fond of Mail styled buttons, probably the only Mac design element I don't like very much..


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. tags: arnold schwarzenegger
  • tags: arnold schwarzenegger

  • Kyffin
    Oct 23, 12:02 PM
    ^ This

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. PHOTO: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • PHOTO: Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • briansolomon
    Apr 13, 03:08 PM
    If this happens I will be 100% surprised. I mean- look at the Sony TVs with Google. They're like $600 for a 24" TV. Does anyone own one of those? I just don't see this happening. Like the article says the market is overcrowded and the profit margins are too slim. Not very appealing for any company...


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger has
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has

  • alphaod
    Apr 24, 02:26 AM
    This would be excellent; an iPhone that roam onto any network of the 16 frequency band groups.

    Maybe even add RUIM functionality to the iPhone, so we can roam onto CDMA!

    Wouldn't that be grand! :p

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger amp
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger amp

  • guru_ck
    Apr 22, 04:22 PM
    My favorite iPhone design was the first one. Bring back the aluminum and rounded sides. It's not comfortable to hold this iPhone 4 brick!


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER CHILDREN

  • bcharna
    Jul 11, 02:46 PM

    The buttons look VERY similar, otherwise its pure Micro**** ugliness...

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger was
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was

  • Westside guy
    Dec 20, 02:15 AM
    I was happy to see that the last two bugs (one Linux, one OS X) were being handled responsibly - they weren't going to release the details until a patch was available. I'm guessing this was submitted by someone other than the project leader, since he seemed to be more of a "me too" glory hound.

    I thought the bugs found were not particularly surprising ones; and not all are applicable to the vast majority of users (any local exploit isn't likely to be relevant on a one-person box). I'd hope people would use the MOKB as yet another reminder to practice better security - e.g. not run as an admin for day to day stuff :D be careful what you put on your machine, etc. - but I know that's not likely to change in the short term.


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger Children
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

  • Fujiko7
    Apr 4, 06:23 AM

    This is fantastic - you've captured a mysterious feeling here.

    Took my camera out yesterday for the first time in about four months: a bit like getting back in a car when you haven't driven for a while, to find you're thinking about something you used to do automatically...

    Looks like you've still got it ... welcome back!

    Great nature shot here - exciting!

    this is where boris and the clan are plotting how we can all pay for the olympics with parking tickets :rolleyes:

    aka the "giant testicle" (the building, not Boris).

    I am so jealous. Love some of the places people in the UK shoot at.

    Man, some of the people here are jealous of the, uh, "scenery" that you get to shoot.

    I know it is rather (ok, very) cliche to post a duck shot ;)

    No, it is an honourable tradition here ...


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. schwarzenegger children.
  • schwarzenegger children.

  • mattster16
    Sep 30, 12:20 PM
    wow Matt, you must live in a special area of Minneapolis, because my experience with AT&T coverage in Minny is terrible! I was over in St. Louis Park just yesterday and my wife and I both had NO SERVICE until we got into Edina, and when my wife was in downtown at her patent lawyers office (IDC) she had 1 bar on Edge, and could not stay connected for more than 30 seconds before dropping the call. Thankfully in Prior Lake, I have decent coverage.

    That's odd because I get great service in St. Louis Park (I'm in that area a lot) and I live and work downtown and get great service both indoors and out. I very rarely go below 5 bars anywhere I am in the metro area - I only experience diminished service along I-35 heading north to Duluth. My roommate has an iPhone as well and has the same experience I do. I've had AT&T now for about 3 years and have never had problems. I do agree that Sprint has great service as well in MN, I had them before the iPhone came out.


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Does Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Does Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • rxse7en
    Jul 28, 09:43 AM
    My mistake, sorry. I got mixed-up between your replies to kevin.rivers, who replied to bigmc6000...

    Maybe he meant "the only high-def console" on the market right now with the PS3 still a few months away?

    No sweat. :D

    Personally, I'd hope that the new gaming consoles--read PS3--would offer some DIVX playback too. I have a Samsung HT-q70 that upscales to 1080i over HDMI and it has a USB port on the front that allows you to plug an external drive into it and it plays VCD, DVD, DIVX, MPEG 2 & 4. That would be a nice simple feature that can be added to these consoles that would make them more useful as a media center.


    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold-Schwarzenegger-
  • Arnold-Schwarzenegger-

  • Clix Pix
    Jan 10, 08:27 PM
    I stumbled on to this discussion and continued reading the thread out of fascination.....

    This woman clearly has some mental health issues. Aside from the obvious obesity, she clearly may have some physical issues, too, which are only contributing to this overall situation. That is most unfortunate and I really do hope that she is receiving both medical and psychological help, as she certainly is demonstrating that she is very needy, very in need of help outside of herself and her own little world.

    It's interesting, isn't it? Onlookers recoil in horror at the sight of a very obese, morbidly obese, beyond-morbidly obese, individual and shudder. Someone who is 400, 500, 600 pounds or more just isn't a lovely sight.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum onlookers also recoil in horror at the sight of a very emaciated individual, someone who is skeletal, skin-and-bones..... Someone who is an adult, even a short one, weighing in at 40, 50 or 60 pounds just isn't a lovely sight, either.

    Funny how very often the emaciated ones (those suffering from anorexia nervosa, which is a clinical diagnosis outlined and fully described in the psychiatric literature and the DSM -- Diagnostic and Statistical Manual -- issued on a periodic basis by psychiatrists) -- do wind up in a clinical setting, either a medical floor or a psychiatric floor...... It's pretty clear to even the most naive of laypersons that there is something wrong when a person seems to be starving him/herself to death and is presenting as skeletal.

    Funny that when someone is going to the opposite extreme and stuffing him/herself to death that it isn't acknowledged in the same way and that very often it is only when someone has really gone to extremes such as weighing several hundred pounds over mere "overweight" status that anyone really takes notice. When someone presents weighing 600, 700, 800 pounds, yes, that is suggestive of the need for clinical intervention, both medical and psychological, isn't it?

    On both ends of that spectrum, people die. Anorexics weighing 30 or 40 or 50 pounds die -- they also can die at much higher weights, closer to "normal" weights, too, actually, if the refeeding process and clinical treatment isn't handled carefully. Yes, they can die at so-called "normal" weights due to some underlying psychological issues never being addressed at all or not being addressed successfully even as the weight is seemingly restored.

    Undoubtedly many people who have gotten to the point of morbid obesity or beyond that also have died, even during the process of attempting to restore weight to a healthier or more normal level....and again, chances are that this is due to the underlying psychological issues never being addressed or being inadequately addressed.

    Sad, isn't it? Going to extremes in any direction is not a good thing and when this occurs it usually is pointing to significant underlying issues in an individual's life which really need to be addressed along with the particular weight situation.

    Don't be repelled by the severely obese person you meet or the severely emaciated person you meet; these are real people with real feelings, real issues hiding in there somewhere and the bottom line is that these are people who need help.

    pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children. Arnold Schwarzenegger Children
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

  • digitalnicotine
    Jan 31, 01:47 AM
    @neko girl

    Um... what? I mean what did you purchase? (looks cool) :)

    Oct 24, 07:40 AM
    As expected really. Shame about no graphics card update, but it's better than no upgrade at all.

    Now next year, we want HD screens Apple ;)

    Apr 28, 01:57 PM
    Obviously Google has the same opinion as other Android fans... marketshare is king.

    Although... in the business world... cash is king.

    Congratulations Google... you now have a lot of marketshare. What are you gonna do with it?

    Oh yeah... you're an advertising company. I forgot!

    And thats just it.

    Google hasn't found a way to capitalizes on its smart phone market share.

    So even if they get 75% of the market and Apple keeps its 25%, in terms of revenue Apple is still going to "win".

    Jul 18, 12:04 PM
    I think cement and gravity are more of a killer to an iPod than a Microsoft product will ever be.

    Apr 23, 08:44 PM
    9 To 5 Mac's discovery is quite interesting as it shows that this is a recent and updated iPhone with an A5, rather then an old iPhone 4. Maybe the new iPhone 5 will bring some more carriers for the Americans, help slow the loss to Android?

    Sep 29, 11:29 PM
    Don't you just love AT&T? :D

    (BTW, there's a few good reasons I use Verizon.)

    One of those reasons is that there is no AT&T signal at my house.

    Having worked very closely with the head engineers of AT&T, I do feel sorry for them. As someone stated earlier, that are spending billions to upgrade the network, but all that money will only meet current demand in some areas. The iPhone is such an incredible success that AT&T never had a chance. The same would be said about Verizon had they got the exclusive contract. If you want to lay the blame at anyones feet, it should be Apple. They should have made a CDMA version and split the load between the networks.

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