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will smith kids choice awards

will smith kids choice awards. will smith kids choice awards.
  • will smith kids choice awards.

  • Cloudane
    Jan 30, 05:50 PM
    You can trade online from an e-commerce firm, such as this one--

    Thanks, will take a look :)

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  • rovex
    Apr 27, 12:46 PM
    Nice metric you have there, $some people on the internet have said it, thus it must be true.


    Obviously taking everything out of context, when we are dealing with the bleeding obvious there is no reason not to suggest it. I watched the video before reading the comments, so your point has no substance.

    will smith kids choice awards. will-smith-kids-choice-awards
  • will-smith-kids-choice-awards

  • TechEnthu
    Apr 22, 08:15 PM
    Meh. It's an Apple. Really getting bored of the Apple look and iOS. To me they just look really cheap now. Already made my decision to get the Galaxy S2. Sorry but if Apple sticks with the 3.7inch screen, they're only gonna fall further back. Let's be honest, the iPhone isn't that great as a phone. It never was. Transmission, reception, and voice quality are poor to average. There's a reason why the iPhone 5 is being delayed. Apple took one look at the current competition and went back to the drawing bored. And that's fine. Any good company should do just that. I've never been a full on blind fanboy, hence my move to the GS2. At the same time, I don't want Apple turning into the next RIM. :o

    I love tech that's on the bleeding edge. Right now for me, that's hardware. The tangible undisputed specs. And Samsung's high end GS2 oozes bleeding edge tech. The camera and 1080P video is ridiculously amazing. I'm not the emotional type that gets all caught up with the brainless "it just works" crowd. You know what?, they all "just work." If you don't know how to adapt to any OS, then maybe you just shouldn't even use any device at all. Seriously, they're all easy to use and get used to. Don't get me wrong, Apple to me is still a great brand, but for me the honeymoon is over so to speak.

    Meh. It's an Android. The hardware works. The software, on the other hand, doesn't really. (Yet? Keep on waiting.)

    And just for the argument's sake, you said you're sick of Apple and iOS look: At the first glance, the SSGSII hardware design don't look that different from the iPhone... :eek:

    If u fancy tech then fine, it's your choice. I'm just saying. Cuz as far as my personal experiences with the Android OS go, I'm not happy with it.

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  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 27, 04:05 PM
    Something about -aggie- and his non-bolded vote yesterday makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


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  • Kids Choice Awards 2010

  • Popeye206
    May 3, 11:37 PM
    Since the iPhone 4 is a strong hardware device and now that we have the iPad 2 out, I think most of the focus for the short term has been on Lion and iOS 5. iOS 5 could bring some really great features to the existing hardware and buy Apple the time to make the next hardware change more significant.

    We will see... but in the long run, it should be good.

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  • Will+smith+kids+choice+

  • dunxxx
    Apr 7, 01:30 AM


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  • drakino
    Mar 14, 01:45 PM
    Wow, glad I avoided the Brea store, sounds like a mess.

    Ended up grabbing two from the South Coast location (one for myself, and one for work to develop with, as they let me go early to go stand in line). Arrived around 2:30, and the line was around 300 at that point, with it mostly outside. Thanks to the guy next to me for providing sunscreen, I got a bit of a tan but avoided a full sunburn.

    What was strange is that mall security would yell at anyone with a foldout chair, claiming it's a safety issue since it would block more of the sidewalk and not allow people to easily walk by without stepping into the road. Seems reasonable, until I noticed all the Apple employees just kept going up and down the road anyhow and security said nothing. Oh well.

    One tip an employee was passing along was to buy whatever model you could if they didn't have the exact one you wanted, then take advantage of the 14 day return policy later. Might be a bit rough for some people though with the expected stock shortages, but will also mean a likely appearance of the iPad 2 on the refurb side quicker then normal for folks looking to save a bit.

    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith Actor Will Smith
  • Will Smith Actor Will Smith

  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 13, 12:06 PM
    Sorry posted wrong picture! I will edit in a minute


    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith
  • Will Smith

  • thobie
    Apr 14, 02:42 AM
    iX as iMac,iPhone,iSomething - or as Roman numerals IX = 9? :rolleyes:

    So, iX.Mac.MarketingName or 9.Mac.MarketingName? Is OS X Lion ninth in someway?

    iOS, iX, ...

    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith Actor Will Smith
  • Will Smith Actor Will Smith

  • hulugu
    Dec 2, 01:52 AM
    After the Month of Kernel Bugs, are you concerned about Mac OS X security?

    No - 62%

    See, that bugs me. Everyone should be concerned about security. I believe OS X's overriding security feature is obscurity, and once that situation changes I can see the OS falling over very quickly.

    One of the weakest links in the chain is the user, and if the user is not concerned then you have a problem.

    Dont get me wrong, I think OS X is great, but it just hasn't been "weathered" in the wild like Windows has. If OS X becomes a viable target then we're in for a bumpy ride.

    OSX is based on FreeBSD, which has been around for an eternity and includes modules from even older Unixy stuff. There's paying attention, there's worrying, and then there's running around with your hair on fire digging for a bomb shelter with your bare hands. We're at the pay attention stage.
    MOKB showed that the kernel can be a source of bugs and that OS design should incorporate this problem into the design. This doesn't mean panic or worry or take a pair of scissors to your broad-band connection, this means Apple has some things to fix. It also showed that wireless is inherently insecure and the problems with drivers can affect Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
    Again, MOKB isn't all that important, it's Apple's response to problems that really matters.


    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith Actor Will Smith
  • Will Smith Actor Will Smith

  • Michaelgtrusa
    Apr 23, 06:43 PM
    Money talks.

    will smith kids choice awards. will smith kids choice awards
  • will smith kids choice awards

  • johnnyturbouk
    Apr 13, 11:35 PM
    having just gone insane as a mac newbie - i went all out and brought myself lots n lots of apple products this winter

    IMO i will also skip the 1st gen - i'm quite old fashioned with TVs and would like to stick with my Samsung LED 9000 series


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  • Send #39;Will Smith#39; Ringtone to Cell Phone. Will Smith Picture in Nickelodeon#39;s 23rd Annual Kids#39; Choice Awards - Arrivals. Will Smith

  • JGowan
    Jul 28, 07:30 AM
    "Three to Five Years"! What a HARD laugh!

    The iPod (which started the whole dang thang) has only been OUT for five years and the iTunes Music Store for about three.

    I think it is downright presumptous to predict 5 years down the pike just about anything when NOBODY could've predicted just what Apple would accomplish in such a period of time.

    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith Actor Will Smith
  • Will Smith Actor Will Smith

  • Tones2
    Apr 22, 10:01 AM
    Give us a 4.3" screen so the phone would have to be somewhat bigger - big enough to support two chips for 3G and 4G.



    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith
  • Will Smith

  • mattmarks
    Mar 31, 11:51 AM
    I would much rather see something that better resembles the mobile me calendar, much cleaner.

    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith 2010 kids choice
  • Will Smith 2010 kids choice

  • seble
    Apr 15, 07:37 AM
    You can 'like' a purchased track from within the music player app now, and post a comment about it. Surprised no one else mentioned this yet... Anyone else spotted any additional changes?

    I picked up on this before, it was in 4.3.1 for sure


    will smith kids choice awards. will smith kids choice awards.
  • will smith kids choice awards.

  • Cheerwino
    Apr 13, 05:08 PM
    Nice idea and interesting. best bet would be a collaboration with Panasonic. After all since Pioneer stopped production of the best flast screen TVs ever and Panasonic employing those engineers who got laid of from Pioneer, their new 2011 panels are simply the best platform for it. if they put it into a Samsung or alike then no thanks. panny s are reasonably priced.

    I could see something like that where Apple TV and games are integrated into a high-end set. Would love for someone to own this space and clean up all of these damn black boxes. Of course, they may have to cave in use Blu-Ray somehow.

    will smith kids choice awards. Will Smith Actor Will Smith
  • Will Smith Actor Will Smith

  • shannonbrooke
    May 4, 04:42 AM
    I wonder how this will affect the future of iPhone release dates? i.e. next year and in the future, will iPhones be released in the fall or go back to their usual June/July release? I am eligible for an upgrade March of next year, so I don't want to upgrade to the iPhone 5 in March if a newer iPhone is going to be released a couple months later.

    will smith kids choice awards. will smith kids choice awards.
  • will smith kids choice awards.

  • renewed
    Sep 15, 03:13 PM
    And correct terms, too (myosin/actin)!

    That journal looks crazy. Wish it came with the Xbox 360 Bundle.

    May 2, 12:54 AM
    If you want to go that route, milk it for all it's worth. Preserve him, decorate him as a pi�ata, and have anyone who wants take three whacks on primetime worldwide TV. Families of 9/11 victims get to be first in line.

    I like it! And after they're done Obama can piss on his corpse! :D

    I disagree, we should wrap him in an army blanket and bury Bin Laden in an unmarked grave; the man's had enough celebrity already.

    But then you're gonna have muslims demanding that he has a proper muslim burial, that's all we need...

    Apr 13, 08:59 PM
    Spec bump?

    32 and 64?

    Apr 19, 04:54 PM
    These are all random/nonsensical figures you've made up FX4568. Outside of gaming, there are prescious few apps that will be affected by a 30% decrease in GPU.

    This will be even more true as Apple becomes better at optimising for Grand Central dispatch ( As an example the new Final Cut Pro X is said to optimise and scale well across all sizes of systems. I'd expect a much faster processor to 'soak up' the GPU drop in this instance.

    No. Outside of gaming, a larger proportion of processing is done in the CPU than the GPU, and improving the CPU will yield greater benefits.

    You can only really talk for yourself and others in this thread that subscribe to that opinion. What evidence to you have that the majority would notice?

    I would expect that most MBA owners aren't hardcore gamers - it's just not that sort of machine. Medium power graphic uses, like productivity apps or watching movies wouldn't be noticeably impacted.

    Of course, I don't have any figures to back up that belief either. ;)

    Well, I wish I had a program to back up such GPU CPU usage, but I do not, so whether you believe my point is up to you.

    I have NO idea as of how GCD affects GPU. The only thing that my mind connected the GDP to a GPU is when the GPU has an Open CL, Open CL is like GDP but not quite. GDP can be summarized as "GCD lifts the programmer from the burden of dealing with shared memory, threads, locks and semaphores which usually results in a great amount of pain." GCD does not direct GPU burden into the CPU. If it did, why doesnt Apple further continue on this technology? Wouldn't it be more efficient to Apple to develop this technology so far that GPUs are obsolete and instead of placing GPUs in a system, they could use extra battery? or extra RAM? GDP only takes advantage of multi core systems, but it certainly does not take the burden of GPU.
    If it does, I would honestly like to know, as knowledge is always good.

    Yea, I see the point where you are coming from. Neither of us know whether or not MBA owners have bought it for mild gaming or not, but hardcore gamers are certainly not in the radar of MBA buyers. But do not confuse hardcore gamers with games that tend to fall in the "hardcores." Almost all games could be run in MBA, of course few of them wont. But as of 90% of games, the 320M will. Again, do I have numbers to back it up? I certainly dont, but there was a chart somewhere that compared over 30 games with 320m and Intel 3000HD used in MBP 13", and the 13" could play less than the 320m ones. Why do I keep up bringing games as GPU comparisons? Because as my lack of knowledge shows, games are the ones that stress the most out of GPUs in my usage.

    Jun 9, 04:19 PM
    What is this kid doing on the computer alone in the first place? Doesn't his parents know about the dangers lurking on the web?! ;)

    Well, he was on a iPod Touch, not on a computer (and even possibly in the same room as his mother).

    Mar 31, 09:23 PM
    Let's see. How about putting back the option to have alarm alerts turned off if iCal is closed but still on if opened. Anyone who ever uses their laptop for presentations would be so happy to have that feature back. How about putting back the ability to click once on an item in Month view and seeing details. Seriously. Is the point to keep taking away functions and make it look super hokey?

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